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Why Ansjer?


Ansjer will meet or exceed our customer’s expectation and requirement for design and production. Partner with us to actualize and expand your brand.

Smartphone App Customization

If buyer’s purchase quantity reaches the order requirements, Ansjer can provide limited smartphone App customization including App icon, name and logos free of charge.

In-depth customization for smartphone Apps including integration of online store, website along with customized design, layout, colors, and language(s) is available and subject to evaluation for development times and cost.

Web Server Customization

Ansjer can setup customer’s independent Amazon server instance and server maintenance subject to server rental and maintenance fees.

Our company can provide a turn-key setup for Cloud Storage Solutions so you can offer this value-add service to your customers and introduce a recurring revenue stream to your business.

Product Design Hardware/PCB Customization

From customer’s provided industrial design, Ansjer can provide PCB layout services and mechanical engineering to bring your design to life. If customer only requires exclusivity of marketing this design to restricted region(s) and allows our company to market in other regions, we can share the cost of mould.

Product Packaging Customization

Our in-house customization capabilities also extend to all printed packaging materials. In addition to printing logo to your products we provide customized labels, instructions, inserts, inner packaging, color gift box and outer/shipping box.


We will serve you the best products with the favorite prices

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