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smartphones become life’s remote control

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
Smartphones are no longer just portable computers in your pocket.
It has become the remote control of your life.
Want to turn off the lights in the living room, open the front door, or read your blood pressure?
All of this can be done with mobile apps that use attachments embedded in sensors or Internet connections.
For several years, technology companies have been committed to the dream of connected homes, connected bodies, and connected cars.
These connections have proved illusory.
But in the past year
The power attachment provides a mechanism for the actual connection.
This is partly because smartphones have become devices that people have never let go.
But it\'s also because wireless sensors are smaller, cheaper and ubiquitous.
Big companies with strong brands have been aggressively promoting new uses of these gadgets.
GM advertises its Chevrolet Malibu ecosystem, and a man shows his parents how he can start the car with a smartphone.
One of the main selling points of the popular Nest thermostat is its ability to open the stove from a few miles away with a mobile phone.
Bill Scheffler, business development director at Z-said the idea of turning off the lights with a smartphone might look a bit gimmicky, but consumers are getting more and more enthusiastic about apps
Wave Alliance is an Alliance of companies that produce connected devices.
This is similar to when the power window starts opening for the car, says Scheffler.
\"People used to say, if you could stand up and change channels, why would anyone want a TV remote? ’’ he said.
\"This is only progress.
At the International Consumer Electronics Show, which attracted more than 150,000 people last week, dozens of companies are showing connected accessories that they can connect to home appliances to work with smartphones, many people are also showing wearable devices that can help people monitor their health on their mobile phones.
Wireless operator AT&T says the company will start selling a wireless security system called \"digital life\" that will allow people to monitor cameras, alerts, and even use tablets or mobile phones
For example, if a thief moves a sensor at home, the user can receive a text message and then call the police.
Customers have the option to extend AT&T\'s wireless services to devices such as lights, door locks, thermostats, and security cameras that can be controlled and monitored through AT&T mobile apps.
Ingersoll Rand, which produces industrial products, provides people with a $300 starter kit and software for connecting families.
It includes locks, lights and wireless \"bridges\" or base stations for connecting devices to the Internet.
At the electronics show, IHealth launched a wireless blood glucose meter called smart blood glucose meter, allowing people with diabetes to determine their blood sugar.
The user puts the blood sample on the test strip and puts it in the attachment on the smartphone, and the app reads the blood sugar level. —
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