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How do you figure out the number of security cameras needed at your home?

How do you figure out the number of security cameras needed at your home?


Home Security Camera is a great complement to any home security system, giving you 24/7 access to your home, no matter where you are. For new beginners at home security, they often make mistakes in installing one camera only. However, most cameras can only rotate and zoom in a certain extent. Just Like door and window sensors, home security cameras should also be installed in multiple locations of your home.

Instead of focusing on the specific amount of security cameras to be installed, it is better to consider which positions at home and in surroundings to provide the widest viewing range. Although the location of all houses is different, most houses have high traffic areas which are easier to break into. You should place the camera to cover as many of these areas as possible.

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Front door, back door and side door

Thieves often enter the home through the front or back door. Place the exterior camera above or near any door leading to your home.

Windows outside the street

Windows that do not directly face the street may be more vulnerable to intrusion due to their privacy. Install an external camera above these windows or use an internal camera facing the relevant window.


If thieves approach your home, they may walk along your driveway or try to enter from your garage door. Placing an external camera above the driveway can help you detect suspicious activity.


Public area

If thieves enter your home, they may be inclined to look for valuables in specific areas such as the living room and master bedroom. Use the camera to watch over these spaces.


Some homes have balconies or basements with stairs that lead to the entrance, thieves can use the stairs to enter inside. Place a camera on the stairs to see if there is any suspicious activity.

Proper placement is critical when considering where to install a home security camera. All cameras should be placed out of reach so that they are not easily knocked down or destroyed. Place the outdoor camera on the second floorat least 9 feet above the ground and place the indoor camera closer to the ceiling. Make sure the camera is securely installed. Although some cameras can be attached to the surface with adhesive, it is safer to screw them directly into the wall.

Finding the right angle to complement the position of the camera is just as important as the position itself. If you put your home security camera directly above the window or door and there is no proper angle, you may only be able to capture the image of the thief's head. Instead, place them one or two feet next to a door or window, tilting the camera down toward the entrance. Don't be afraid to make your security camera visible which may help scare off the potential wanders.

If your camera is wireless, please check the Wi-Fi signal around your home. What's important is that your home security camera can reliably access powerful Wi-Fi signals to capture and transmit footage. Without an internet connection, the camera may be disconnected from the home security system. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, the video clip may appear undulating or distorted.

Now that you know where to install your home security camera, it's time to find the right camera for your needs.

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