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How to make your Ansjer baby monitor more secure?

How to make your Ansjer baby monitor more secure?


Why’d you use Ansjer Cam?

It’s not a dedicated baby monitor! I hear you saying. It's not as useful is your uninformed and misguided shout. Yes, this article is me addressing your potential inhibitions when considering the advice that your ansjer security camera is an alternative to the visual and auditory baby cameras out there.

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It’s actually a pretty neat solution to most of the things you’d require and is arguably better since its feed can be remotely accessed via nothing other than your handy cellular phone. Let’s be honest, no one likes carrying around extra hardware or tablets when everything can be nicely packaged and viewed within the screen of your everyday device. Not to mention, a lot of baby monitors out there look pretty bulky and unattractive compared to the sleek ansjer cam.


The video feed within this security camera offers a clear picture of your little James tossing and turning in his sleep as you enjoy that well-deserved meal with your significant other. It even offers the opportunity to make sure that you’re paying the right person to babysit who enforces the bedtime you laid down for them. These are all but fundamentals of parenting that the ansjer cam makes easier for you on a day-to-day basis.


Why’d you not use Ansjer Cam?

That being said, some things should be kept in mind while replacing your baby monitor with the ansjer cam. It’s worth remembering that the ansjer cam wasn’t specifically designed for the function of watching your baby sleep in their crib and also that if your device is connected to the Wi-Fi that automatically makes it open to security breaches and other similar forms of risk.

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That’s precisely why you should keep the following things in mind in order to ensure that your baby’s sleep and your mental condition are both peaceful and uninterrupted by any harm intending intruder.

Secure your Wi-Fi

One of the key steps you need to take in increasing the protection offered to your little one and also the security of the video and audio feed is ensuring the security of your Wi-Fi network through which said feed can be accessed. This can involve several steps detailed below which will likely make your home that much safer.

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Update your details regularly

While this isn’t the top-notch security hack which you’d expect from an otherwise techy website, it’s definitely one that you need to put in place before anything else. Your router name, your Wi-Fi network’s name and your password are all things that are needed to access the network in question.

If these are changed regularly, you ensure that any guests or neighbours you wished to provide a password to only temporarily are no longer lavishing off of your precious bandwidth. Not to

mention, any people who you’d rather not have on the network anyhow are kicked off as well.

Speaking of passwords…

Make it unpredictable

Your birthdate, your hometown and your pet’s or daughter’s first name do not make for good passwords, precisely due to the fact that you’re reading how easily one can guess these – especially if they know you – off the top of their heads. You do not need a 42 character hyphened, alphanumeric super secretive key code which is tougher to find than the nuclear launch codes with the president but one thing to do is to make it unpredictable and random.

Remember, a good computer – likely to be accessible by hackers – can easily brute force through a network protected by the password 11’ in under 30 seconds. You don’t want that to be your network.

Invest (time and money) in upgrades

It’s critical to ensure that you activate WPA2 protocols on your router to encrypt the data you send and receive over your Wi-Fi network that is the video and audio of your ansjer cam baby monitor. You can even set up a guest network, which is a peripheral function offered by routers on the higher end of the market, which would allow you to grant temporary access to the internet to visitors and prevent your password from being spread far and wide.

A VPN service is another thing to

consider if you’re especially selective and worried about data protection. A VPN will essentially channel your data through international, undisclosed and inaccessible servers – even bypassing your Internet Service Provider – preventing any potential intruders were hacking into the link or even your ISP from collecting your valuable information.

A mesh system is another upgrade

worth considering. In general, mesh systems allow you to better monitor the amount and identity of people or devices using your Wi-Fi network and also distributes it better and further throughout your house, bettering uninterrupted access to the feed.

Keep up with the updates

Patches and other security fixes are regularly updated and applied in the Ansjer cam’s app alongside general performance enhancements. In order to keep up with the times and ensure the

optimal use of your device, always keep the app on your smartphone or your partner’s smartphone updated. Also, make sure that your phone is well protected either by a password or barometric security in order to prevent its access by the wrong hands, literally.

How is Ansjer Cam better?

While the Ansjer Cam, as noted above, ticks all the criteria you’d check while buying a baby monitor – which include but isn’t limited to its ease of application and use, its looks and attractiveness and the amount of vision and audio quality it offers – Ansjer Cam goes a step further in terms of what it offers to users. The data that manufacturers of Ansjer Cam collect and store in their servers in order to allow you to remotely access it is protected in a significant and meaningful manner.

The rigorous security protocols that ANSJER has in place truly puts it a league above its competition and any alternatives that come to mind. These protections include an AES 128-bit encryption and also added Transport Layer Security, also known as TLS. Talk about overkill! Of course, nothing’s too much when it comes to our little angels. Moreover, its security features are even complimented and upheld by theNational Institution of Standards and Technology (NIST).



Drawbacks: Why Ansjer Cam may not work for you?

The ansjer cam app on your phone needs to be open if you wish to watch or listen to the feed.

Subscribing to Ansjer Aware will allow you to receive push notifications when activity is detected but that may not always be as effective and requires a subscription fee.

Only works with Wi-Fi.

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