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How far away can I install security cameras?

How far away can I install security cameras?


The distance that a security camera can be installed from the DVR or NVR varies. The Siamese BNC cables used with analog DVR systems can be used up to 300ft. This set-up allows you to plug your MPX cameras in close to the DVR, since power for the camera is carried over the Siamese cable. For cameras over that distance, you can still run a BNC cable up to 800ft, but the camera will need to be plugged in near the camera. It is possible to extend this video range further, but you may start to encounter some signal degradation. 

Similarly, IP cameras can be installed up to 300ft away from the NVR. For more distance, you will need to purchase a PoE switch, which can extend the range another 300ft. The distance for wireless security cameras and their DVR or wireless transmitter isn't as strict as MPX and IP cameras. Factors such as building materials and the amount of other devices using the same wireless frequency (WiFi routers, cordless phone systems, etc.) can affect the strength of the signal significantly. As a general guideline, we state that in ideal conditions (outdoors, with a clear line-of-site) the maximum wireless range of wireless security cameras is 500ft. Indoors, on the other hand, is much less (around 165ft), since the signal will have to pass through walls and other materials. If more distance is needed (especially outdoors) Ansjer offers range extending antennas that can boost the signal up to 800ft.

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