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zwelethu mthethwa found guilty of murdering nokuphila khumalo - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
zwelethu mthethwa found guilty of murdering nokuphila khumalo  -  best cctv camera
The artist, zwelehu, was convicted of killing sex worker Nokuphila Kumalo in Woodstock in April 2013.
Patricia Gelia, judge of the sekcape High Court, said the court was satisfied that the state had proved its case without any doubt, adding that the defendant's statement about amnesia was "late, fabricated ".
Last week, a psychiatrist testified that something happened that night, probably because of drinking, was not remembered by mthehwa.
There was no plea explanation or testimony in his defense.
READ: On December, "nokuphila likes pink and white flowers", the decision of the mthehwa not to testify during the trial was questioned.
His lawyer, William Booth, and prosecutor, Christhenus van der Vijver, agreed in the closing debate that he had the right to remain silent and that doing so was not a sign of guilt.
Van der Vijver warned that if the case was not adequately answered, there could be consequences for the mstehwa.
She allegedly kicked Kumalo several times-she died from a blunt injury.
The state says he was photographed on CCTV while parked his Porsche on Ravens' krayge Road in Woodstock.
The ANC Women's Union said yesterday it was concerned that the murder trial would take two years to conclude. “If the [judicial]
The system severely prevents the perpetrators from committing these cruel acts of violence and terrible acts of murder of women and must impose a more severe sentence [be]
The alliance added.
The bail of Mthethwa has been withdrawn and he will continue to be detained until he was sentenced on March 29.
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