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victim fell into street life - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
victim fell  into street life  -  best cctv camera
Her friend called her California.
There was a time when the sun was shining
Blonde beauty grew up in northern New York as a massage therapist in Ventura County.
Bly Markis, 33, had trouble coming back, but she was trying to make her life better.
Before Markis had a chance, she was found strangled early Sunday at the Xerox Center building in Bloor St. E. near Yonge St.
Toronto police released surveillance footage of her suspected murderer, and her friends gathered yesterday at the center of St. Charles Street. E.
Helping homeless people
Street nurse Thea Prescod said Markis had just ended his three-week probation after being jailed for drug charges.
Prescod, who helped her, said her social insurance, birth certificate and OHIP cards were all stolen and she was trying to replace them.
It was a difficult winter.
She has recovered from pneumonia, a problem that street people have been worried about.
"She will wear her from drop-
Said Prescod.
"She has this amazing gift to make it work.
She looks likean outfit)off a runway. " In her ever-
Markis will change clothes, a brush and make-up, says Prescod.
The police said her last one was taken away by her suspected killer.
"This is an ongoing struggle.
"When you're on the street, it's common for everything to be stolen," Prescod said . ".
Markis sleeps at night in a protected corner of the west wall of the brick sanctuary, an ancient church that connects a female priest, most of the time with her boyfriend Newf.
Street priest Patrick Sullivan said that although she was encouraged by the end of her probation period, frustration and exhaustion had already begun in the past week.
She is sitting outside McDonald's in Yonge St.
Sullivan said Charles was begging for money on Thursday night.
We pray together.
We talked about the weather.
"I told her to come in and it was going to rain," he said . ". She just smiled.
He never saw her again.
One of her best friends, a homeless man named "seven", pleaded on Hayden Street.
The subway entrance where she was counted last night.
"Seven" will open the door for those who lead deep into the stairwell, where her body is found.
Police believe the man who killed Markis came out of the stairwell and walked straight back to the Xerox building.
The police used images of five different cameras belonging to two surveillance networks to determine the final actions of the victims and suspects, including their arrival at Xerox Center together at around 10: 30. m.
Through the door of Hayden Street on Saturday.
Detective killing said. Sgt. Chris Buck.
About 20 minutes later, the man was seen returning to the building by himself through the same entrance.
It was observed that he left the Xerox Center at different locations, then on the TTC camera, walked past the booth of the conductor and entered the Bloor/Yonge station.
The photo shows him wearing a black backpack with the Detroit Tigers logo on the back of his backpack and a black wallet carrying Markis on his shoulder.
This is the last photo evidence of the police.
Security guards found her body around two in the morning. m. Sunday.
Yesterday, an autopsy report determined that the cause of the death was "strangled by blunt facial injuries ".
"No weapons were found.
This is the third time in the past month that a surveillance camera has captured a photo of a murder suspect, which proves their crime --
Police say it is the value of the battle.
Proponents point out that the technology has been greatly improved and digitization increases the amount of visual data that can be stored and viewed.
Police can Post crime images over the Internet for thousands of people to watch in a few minutes, rather than canvassing witnesses who can help sketch artists.
Surveillance images have become so indispensable that crime investigators spend more and more time in front of TV monitors,
Forward for photo evidence.
The release of surveillance photos in the Markis murder coincided with the closure of the Toronto Police Department-
Circuit TV (CCTV)
A six-month pilot was conducted in districts 31, 42 and 52.
Not everyone is happy with the camera.
Citizen Libertarian James Turk said police "have to show very convincing evidence" that CCTV cameras are being allowed to "jeopardize the privacy we have the right to expect today "-to-day lives.
"There is some evidence in the literature that enhanced surveillance will not lead to greater safety," said Teke, executive director of the Faculty Association of Universities of Canada.
So far, research into the widespread use of CCTV has shown that "surveillance cameras have little effect in combating organized crime," Turk said in an interview.
He added that the quality of CCTV's image is often too bad to stop minor street crimes.
Turk believes police support for CCTV cameras is part of a trend to weaken civil liberties since al Qaeda attacked the United States. S.
September 2001.
"Of course we have seen it since 9/11. . .
"Willing to sacrifice basic civil liberties and privacy to provide greater protection," the Turks said . " He organized faculty from 57,000 universities and colleges and has long been on the issue of civil liberties
Yesterday, Toronto police said they wanted surveillance cameras to help them capture the killer who killed Bly Markis.
The victim's parents, who lived in GTA, have been in trouble in recent years and have become a street man.
Friends say she also has relatives in California, but she "spends too much time with her family" to bridge.
25-year-old Andrew kresmann says Marcus is a real person and often politely refuses help from people who met her while volunteering for a shelter.
Cressman paid tribute to her online yesterday.
"She's one of the few people I 've met on the street who taught me that, despite the biggest challenges, you can keep your dignity and be happy in your life, the University of Toronto graduate student wrote.
A few months ago, when winter was coming, he also reached out to Markis and offered to buy her some necessities.
She refused his offer.
When the temperature dropped, kresman said he bought her a pair of gloves and planned to give them to her the next time he saw her.
Never happened.
"I still have gloves," he said . "
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