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the latest in home security won’t leave you wired — or fumbling for your keys - home security systems

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-10
the latest in home security won’t leave you wired — or fumbling for your keys  -  home security systems
Family Safety has gone a long way from the hard days
Wired alarm system is the only option
A family home, or in the case of an apartment complex, is patrolled by one or two security guards.
Today, both wireless and cellularin-
A system allows you to check your house from a distance, and the voice command feature allows you to tell the virtual assistant to close the garage door while you cook.
As for apartment buildings, mobile robots and advanced camera systems improve security and give residents more control by connecting video intercom to mobile phones. In co-
Op and residential buildings and property management enterprises are increasingly installing camera systems with 360-
Dino Iuliano, chief revenue officer at Planned Cos, said it could provide a degree vision for data analysis.
Concierge, security, repair and cleaning services.
These systems send video to the electronic encoder of the security monitoring center
Both inside and outside the apartment.
Site Location managed by a security company.
Iuliano said that the encoder analyzes and breaks down the video into data and sends alerts and responses when something is considered "abnormal.
For example, the motion detector that has been triggered can turn on the light at night;
Alternatively, a package that should not be left unattended will signal to the safety company to remind the construction staff.
"We are at a time of high security --
He said terminal buildings began to resemble the systems of casinos and airports.
LeFrak City is a huge residential area in Queens with a safety robot, Rosie, which can walk on the ground and provide "extra View" to the security team ", according to Randi Koch Nir, executive director of leasing for Mid City Security, the company responsible for the Security of the complex.
The robot, manufactured by Knight scope, is based in Mountain View, California.
It was rented about a year ago as part of an upgrade of $70 million to the complex.
Rosie has four cameras in different directions and offers 360-
Degree view and patrol in area 24/7.
The video was monitored by security guards at LeFrak.
Similar to the sleek cylindrical top of the spacecraft, Nir is named after her mother Roz, because the machine reminds her of the robot maid in the cartoon "Jetsons.
She was programmed to patrol the complex in silence, but in an emergency she could broadcast the information through the speakers.
Nir said that when no one was around at night, she also came in handy while monitoring the outdoor public areas.
"If anything suspicious happens, Rossi will record it.
"According to a Cavaliers spokeswoman, Rossi's basic cost structure is $7 an hour, about $61,000 a year.
For apartment buildings that require an intercom upgrade, companies like Doorport and ButterflyMX have been marketing smart access systems operated by mobile phones.
These systems require new hardware at the front door of the building, but there are no new hardware or lines in each apartment.
Instead, the tenant can use the phone as a video intercom to get guests and delivery personnel into the building.
Doorport's chief executive, Ben Taylor, said he was still testing a new product that would allow landlords to upgrade existing without changing the existing infrastructure at the front door
After downloading the app to your phone, Doorport's proprietary software will allow tenants to create access codes and send them to guests temporarily accessing the building.
A small hardware component installed by the company in the existing walkie-talkie will enable the identified phone to automatically open the front door, even if the phone is in the back pocket or bag.
Tenants can also use the company's app as their video intercom system, buzz among guests, or send them temporary access codes.
"I believe that as a convenience facility, convenient access is becoming more and more popular," Taylor said . ".
The company is using 30-
All shares of the unit building on the east side of the bridge. Angelo J.
Pang, project manager, said he was interested in the product.
An effective way to transform the company's old property with new technology, because the infrastructure costs associated with the upgrade are very low.
"The ability to open the door automatically when your hand is full of groceries --
"You can't pay for it," Ponte said . ".
"The technology is not that different for singles --
Home, home owners can choose a professional installation system or a DIY route.
Sensors that detect leaks or open windows or doors can be purchased from hardware stores for $10 to $40.
Basic camera systems from companies like Nest Labs start at about $200, and prices will become more expensive as more hardware and features are added to the kit.
SimpliSafe offers DIY kits including monitoring services.
Additional services are also provided by companies such as Nortek Security & Control, which sells products under the brand 2GIG and ELAN
On products like stoves and gun monitors, they are connected to the same monitoring system as cameras and intrusion sensors.
If the stove is placed too long, or the gun moves from the locked position, a notification will be sent to your phone or security panel.
Homeowners who want more complex systems
For example, a camera with artificial intelligence or a face
Ability to identify-
A professionally installed system may be required and monitoring costs are required on a monthly basis, which may be much more expensive than a DIY kit.
Nicholas Arlo installed a relatively simple security system when moving from the apartment to single
Family home on Staten Island about 10 years ago.
With the advancement of smart home technology, he has upgraded to a fully integrated system that allows him to monitor video clips in his home using his phone, and also to control lights, thermostats, and garage doors
"I travel a lot, so it's very important to be able to see and control my home while I'm away," he said . ".
"It made me feel like I was there when I was away.
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