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It should be free Wi-
Fi for all: public-
Private partnership between Bill de Blasio government and tech company city bridge, which plans to use Wi-Fi kiosks.
Today, 1,815 LinkNYCs are distributed throughout the city.
Users can make free phone calls, pay-per-charge devices, and browse the city's website.
But since the signing of the agreement for five years, LinkNYC has failed to deliver on the promised revenue.
When CityBridge first announced it said it would make money by selling ads on the LinkNYC screen, but there was a shortage of numbers.
Lee Rowland, policy director at the New York Civil Liberties Union, said the group was concerned about how the company tapped user data.
"We need to be very cautious about how they can make money from us," Roland said . ".
"When people interact with LinkNYC, they don't hand over the money;
They are handing over their data.
"According to the agreement, 7,500 kiosks are expected to be installed by 2025.
When the city first announced LinkNYC, it promised to earn $0. 5 billion in revenue in the first 12 years.
So far, the city has received only $90 million.
Questions about the company's profitability and how to use technology and data are also increasing.
Last month, the New York Police Department released a video of a man destroying a tower's kiosk Pavilion, raising concerns about when the camera will turn on.
The company said that each kiosk has two security cameras, which are only kept for seven days unless the investigation is required.
In recent months, a group of activists named "RethinkLinkNYC" have been active on social media.
They recorded flyers on machines around the city, warning users of the possibility of being recorded without their consent.
Even supporters of the technology say the company is making slow progress in delivering on its promises.
"I would like to see this event more active," said Ben Kallos, a Manhattan MP . ".
"Although we have read about losses, the good news is that they are big enough, flexible enough to move on.
A disclaimer on the company's website states that the company will not sell personal information and will not share data with third parties for their use.
However, personal information such as email address or name can be shared as long as the user agrees. ------
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