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security and timing system add to fears in delhi - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
security and timing system add to fears in delhi  -  security cameras
Good news first.
Yesterday, the Queen's baton was 11-month, 118,060-
Depart from Buckingham Palace and pass through 71 Commonwealth countries. Not so good?
On the one hand, with the start of the XIX Commonwealth Games-now only two days-formal scheduling and computerized scoring systems have not yet been installed in all venues.
In addition, half of the 20,000 volunteers over the age of 12 registered as unpaid assistants
The daytime course for the Olympic games was canceled.
Oh, the doctor who was appointed chief medical officer of the Olympic Games was knocked down by suspected typhoid cases.
Yesterday, as the High Court of alahabad ruled that the disputed holy land in ayotia should be divided between Hindus and Muslims, security issues were strengthened in Delhi.
With elite commandos and 7,500 Policemen on duty at the opening ceremony of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Sunday, the situation will become even more tense, with Prince Charles and his wife attending the opening ceremony, the Duchess of Cornwall.
The game didn't start until Monday, but officials are racing against the clock to start and run the timing and results system at that time.
At present, most of the venues have not installed the required equipment.
Computer technology provided by Swiss timing company includes electronic timing equipment, photos
Complete the camera and pool touchpad.
A source told The Times of India: "The safety of the venue is too tight and access is a major issue.
Many people working on the project are not certified as required.
"It was not entirely clear yesterday why about 10,000 volunteers decided to withdraw their services, although apparently many were intimidated by this troubled building --
Until the start of the game, and the prospect of bearing the brunt of any further trouble that may arise at the start of the game.
Yesterday, it was also found that Tarun Garg, the Olympic health care official, took sick leave for suspected typhoid fever.
His successor is waiting for certification.
Officials acknowledged that only two of the 11 medical centers created for the Olympics were running and that most of the 3,000 CCTV security cameras they installed failed.
Earlier this week, a woman fainted during the rehearsal of the opening ceremony and the stretcher was unable to fit into the elevator and take her to the medical team stadium on the first floor.
Still, and the arrival of the Queen's Baton, yesterday, the Bailey bridge built by Indian army engineers was completed, replacing the pedestrian bridge that collapsed outside the main stadium last week, which also gave a boost.
Last week's horror story from the village of athletes has been replaced by a word of satisfaction from competitors, who quickly filled 34 towers in dormitories.
"The room was great," said Kate Walsh, captain of the hockey team in England.
"Security is high, but it's good.
"Happily, there is no further report on the Cobra sightings, although long jumper Greg Rutherford said yesterday at the England track and field training camp in Doha that he joked: "I 've been watching videos on YouTube about snake fascinating technology and have been trying to play a tape recorder.
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