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parktown boys high remains one of the best - mec lesufi - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
parktown boys high remains one of the best - mec lesufi  -  best cctv camera
Panyza Lesufi, Johannesburg-houden Education Center, said that despite an alleged incident of sexual misconduct, Parktown Boys High School is still one of the best schools in the province.
"I think your school is one of the best performing schools in the province for sports or academic performance.
"We need to protect this so that no one can tamper with that history," Lesufi said in a crowded school hall on Tuesday morning . ".
Lesufi said the department felt sad about what happened at the school, saying that any school should be a place to be happy, educated and happy.
The school made headlines after a 22-year-
Former assistant water polo coach and an assistant boarding master allegedly sexually assaulted more than 20 boys.
Earlier this month, the man appeared in the Johannesburg district court on charges of sexual assault and sexual assault on children.
The school's governing body had previously denied the failure to inform the houden education department of the allegations of sexual assault.
Nicholas Grayling, chairman of SGB, previously said in a statement that the school had immediately notified its governing body and the police.
On November 3, 2016, a teacher, while watching CCTV footage of the school hostel, saw the man having inappropriate physical contact with a boy in the common room.
Contacted the police and arrested the alleged perpetrator that night.
Lesufi said that the matter was not properly reported to them and that the department had submitted a formal agreement to report the incidents.
He said the team area looked into the matter in depth to see what was going on and looked into the incident and all the things that were affected.
"Sexual harassment is a serious matter and if you have 20 learners involved you can't report to the police station or fold your arms.
We feel we need to activate the full force of the law, "Lesufi said.
"The only person in charge is Panyaza lesufi" lesufi also mentioned the number of women killed recently in the country.
"The country is starting to oppose its own women.
I don't want to. I want to protect you.
Any other person who feels he is in charge of this school, you have to tell him that the only person in charge is Panyaza Lesufi.
Lesufi says it's under the bridge.
"I am now convinced that learners know when to report and how to report these events.
They know now that they need to support each other.
"Lesufi also wishes the children all the best before the upcoming exam.
"Go and enjoy the exam. you will definitely get support.
Discipline and respect must be maintained [so]
These young boys must be the best.
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