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isn't it about time somebody called time out on facial recognition? - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-08
isn\'t it about time somebody called time out on facial recognition?  -  security cameras
Many see San Francisco as a mecca for technology, the first American city to stop police and other authorities from using facial recognition technology, an important step in fighting the seemingly unstoppable rollout of the technology.
The city's Board of Supervisors concluded that the general assumption that people are being monitored is mentally unhealthy and, in addition, that the technology is still unreliable and cannot be used for safety purposes.
San Francisco's decision is only the first step, keeping in mind that this does not prevent private companies from continuing to use facial recognition technology. But given that the city has a large number of tech companies, it's not surprising because it's the best preparation environment to understand its impact.
The widespread use of facial recognition is a moral dilemma for tech companies, and despite their Labor opposition, in general, tech companies are happy to sell their services to the highest bidder.
Its key role in China, or its plans in Singapore or the UK, has made it a defining feature of the society we want to live in, beyond mere technical problems.
In the face of the acquiescence of some people, they believe that this technology is something we should accept, although it has problems, considering its pace of development and the public's need for debate on its application, citizens are increasingly under pressure to carefully regulate and even technical tools to try to limit their use.
One thing is to make our life more comfortable by having our home computer, smartphone or security camera recognize us, unlock the device with our face or keep the alarm,, putting the entire population under surveillance and making it possible to identify and position anyone is a big step towards the police state where criminals can be more difficult, however, in cases where others are subject to unreasonable levels of control, there are potentially important consequences in addition to a series of possible failures.
Until, as a society, we discussed the use of facial recognition and other surveillance techniques to avoid the relentless movement to the police state, San Francisco's decision seemed prudent and appropriate, it should be a role model for many other cities or countries that consider using it.
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