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how to install a home security system - home security systems

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-09
how to install a home security system  -  home security systems
Some home safety systems are complex and should be installed by professionals.
However, there are many good home safety systems that are sold in kit form that can be done by any do-it-yourselfer.
Most simple systems record intrusion using ringtones, loud buzzer, or other sound sources.
Installation includes installing the sound source or depth gauge in a position where it is easy to hear the sound.
The switch circuit is then connected to the depth gauge and the battery is connected to the system.
Since the depth meter works through the battery, it is still an effective alarm system even in the case of power failure.
Or, battery.
Remote wireless sensors and controllers that can be installed and operated.
However, make sure the battery is replaced regularly.
In electrical terms, this alarm system is called a closed alarm system. circuit system.
When the doors and windows are closed, the connected switch is closed.
Since all switches are in one wiring loop, turning on any of them will disconnect the loop and trigger the depth gauge circuit.
Also, simply closing the door or window does not restore the continuity of the switch Circuit and does not stop the sound until the battery runs out or someone switches the circuit from the battery to the sound.
An electronic switch is built into the depth meter.
This switch is opened by breaking the magnetic properties. switch loop. A key-
The operating switch in the sound circuit allows you to turn off completely when an alarm system is not required.
In addition, once the alarm rings, the operation key switch is the only way to mute the sounder.
Only someone with a key to the switch can reset the system.
The switch unit consists of two parts that look very similar: a small plastic box with a strong magnet and an actual switch.
When the magnet and the switch are not close, the switch contacts are separated and the switch is on.
On the other hand, when the magnet and the switch are close to each other, the switch contacts move together and the switch is off.
The magnet part of the unit is screwed to the door or window, and the switch part is screwed to the door or window frame.
Therefore, opening the door or window will separate the magnet from the switch, causing the switch to open and trigger the alarm.
Three electronic parts that make up a solid-
The status switch of the alarm is mounted on the circuit board.
Underneath the board is a solenoid coil and a piston that hits the Bell cover or activates the electronic hair sounder.
Below the coil is a set of disconnect points that cause the piston to vibrate up and down, thus activating the sound source.
Install the depth gauge first.
Decide where you want it. -
Either to get the most attention for help or to scare off intruders.
If you decide to install a depth gauge outdoors, you have to drill holes in the wall for the wires.
To protect the depth gauge from the weather, you should install it in a protective metal box specially made for the alarm depth gauge.
There is a stand in the box for installing a tamper-proof switch that turns off the alarm system if someone tries to turn on the alarm sound box.
The key switch located on the side of the box allows the person with the key (But no one else)
Activate, service, reset, or deactivate the alarm system.
If you want the depth gauge to be placed indoors, you don't need to install it in a protective metal box.
Install the depth gauge on the wall in a place where sound is easily heard.
Indoor depth meters are not recommended in closets or other confined spaces.
The kit shall include the mounting back plate attached to the depth gauge by mounting screws.
Remove the nut and separate the back plate from the hair sounder.
You will see the pattern of a hole on the back panel.
Use wooden screws, toggle bolts or other suitable fasteners to connect the board to the wall where you choose to place the hair sounder.
Mount the back plate with enough fasteners to securely secure the hair sounder in place.
Make sure the board is installed on the right side and the correct side is forward.
There is usually a tongue on the back plate, and when it is properly installed, it should be at the top.
Do not connect the depth gauge to the back panel until later.
You will find that the protective box installed outdoors already contains a built-inin backplate.
Install the box in the desired location.
Next, install the door and window switch.
When the switch part is placed on the window frame or door frame, the magnet part is placed on the door or window.
Use the mounting screws in the kit to connect the parts.
Try putting the two parts of the switch together so they are close ---
Almost touching-
When windows or doors are closed, they are widely separated when the doors or windows start to open.
You can include the Fire sensor switch in the entrance loop if you wish
Detection switch.
Using a fire sensor switch, this switch disconnects the loop when the nearby air temperature reaches 135 degrees F.
Because it's more temperature than it could normally be. -
Other than lofts, firehouses, wooden or coal stoves or other heightsHot producers-
You will never encounter false alarms in hot weather.
Install a 190 F sensor in a usually hot place.
You should install fire sensor switches where you feel most effective.
There is no reason why one or more sensors cannot be placed in each room wired for the security system.
Consider using current
Carry out window foil tape for extra safety.
Silver foil with self
Where an alarm system is purchased, there may be adhesive pads.
If the intruder breaks the glass in the door or window, it is designed to trigger the alarm.
During the installation, make sure that the foil you stick to the glass does not break;
The tape must be continuous. Self-
The adhesive foil terminal or connector at the end of the foil tape allows you to connect the circuit wiring and the flexible door lock allows you to open the foil-
Fix the doors and windows with tape without closing the alarm system.
In the next section, let's consider how we can connect all of these components together.
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