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Hidden Camera Pen Catches Thief Red-Handed - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
Hidden Camera Pen Catches Thief Red-Handed  -  best cctv camera
A caretaker was jailed after stealing thousands of pounds from an elderly couple, captured by a surveillance camera hidden in a pen.
38-year-old Lisa Mitchell helped herself get £ 35,000 in cash during the four years she worked for 81-year-oldsyear-
Old Sheila Reid with dementia is at her home in Dereham, Norfolk.
Norfolk police said, but the couple's son, Allan Read, suspected that the money was disappearing, so he installed a secret camera for CCTV in his pen and strategically placed it
Mitchell was photographed twice in the office and she had no reason to go in.
The video showed her looking at a table and the old man's wallet.
Alan Reid wrote down the serial number on the banknote, which the police used to prove the crime.
Mitchell of Masham Masefield Mews admitted the theft and was jailed for 18 months in the Norwich criminal court.
Police officer Gemma Weeks said Mitchell used stolen cash to buy jewelry and designer handbags.
"For more than four years, Lisa Mitchell has used an elderly couple that she trusts to take care of," she said . ".
"She didn't expect to get personal money and cash from their family business, which she spent on jewelry and designer handbags.
"Even in accepting the evidence from CCTV, Mitchell denied stealing the fragile couple and could not explain the way she lived.
"In addition to the economic impact of her crime, there are emotional influences, especially when Mitchell seems to be looking for money, not taking care of the old lady. "
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