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gadgets to bolster your security - home security systems

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-10
gadgets to bolster your security  -  home security systems
Insurance companies provide protection, but only after damage.
There is no money compensation that can really benefit the trauma experienced by the family.
That's why people are increasingly relying on machines to do the job.
Existing equipment includes basic intercom phones, door access video phones, mobile detectors, anti-theft alarms, intruder alarms, and fire and gas leakage sensors.
Many companies, organized or unorganized, offer a range of home safety equipment.
A unit in France-India
This is a company like Legrand group.
In burglary, cutting off the power supply of the target house before the burglary is a recognized practice.
The introduction of G5 emergency lighting fixtures and exit signs by Legrand provides some clues to the fuzzy design of the thief.
These are maintenance-
The company says it is free and has a longer shelf life and can withstand high temperatures during fire or explosion.
Legrand also introduced a switch based on the concept of motion detection.
The lights will turn on/off according to people's movements.
The detector can sense the motion of 16 m.
To avoid any unwelcome person in your home, the company offers RF technology-
Wireless anti-theft alarm system.
The alarm detects the intrusion by contacting the detector and the passive infrared detector, and starts to issue an alarm when receiving radio information from the detector to the receiving panel.
Legrand also launched audio and video door phones in India.
Residents of the building can open the door by pressing the button without having to move.
Jean-said: "We will launch these products according to customer needs last year.
Charles Thuard, managing director, Legrand India.
Rajesh Shah said that the market for home safety products is very broad and has not yet been developed, "in Mumbai alone, about 5,000 walkie-talkie lines are sold to various housing companies every month
An operating Association and construction consisting of companies in this department.
"We have 25,000 lines installed across India," he said . ".
NCC produces three home safety systems-
Securecom Plus, active voice and active vision.
"Securecom Plus is a 4-
Regional security systems that sense fire, gas leakage, intrusion and panic situations.
In the event of a fire, gas leak or intrusion in the apartment, the system senses it and gives a voice alert to the security cabin of the building, prompting immediate action.
In the event of an emergency of any nature, violence within the premises or serious health problems, occupants of the apartment can press the panic button in the system and alert security personnel.
"We offer a package for the housing association.
A voice alarm system without video display needs to be installed-
Time cost of Rs 1,800 to 2,200 per apartment.
"The cost of video display will be a little higher," Shah said . ".
John Fernandez, owner of Genesis Telecom and security solutions, said, "many partners
The effective housing association in Mumbai is working on the installation of these systems, which have potential markets.
"The company produces videophone telephones, anti-theft alarms, fire alarms and security walkie-talkie.
To further strengthen electronic security, Ahmedabad-
The general purpose Imsubs, based in Imsubs, provides seismic alarm devices, seismic detectors for homes, offices and school classrooms.
At the beginning of the earthquake, the alarm sounded a loud buzzer.
The seismic alarm has sensitivity adjustment for detection 4.
Magnitude 0 earthquake to magnitude 6 earthquake.
The company said it was a few hundred miles away.
The earthquake alarm was manufactured by American products.
"Earthquake alerts with a price of Rs 2,455 have become very popular, especially after the 2000 incident.
"There is a good demand for these devices," said Shah . ".
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