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cops probe why finn avoided cctv - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
cops probe why finn avoided cctv  -  best cctv camera
ROMPIN: Police are investigating why Nikitin Aleksis Elis Valtteri, a 20-year-old Finnish citizen who disappeared in Pulau Oman on January 22, tried to avoid being seen by CCTV cameras at the resort in Kampung Paya.
The Rompin regional police chief, DSP Azli Mohd Noor, said Valtteri was photographed by a camera between seven o'clock A. M. and 8. 30am that day.
"The recording showed that he was wearing a black shirt and trousers, trying to block the sight of the CCTV camera with his hand.
"Motivation is under investigation.
Police also asked some people who had contact with the man before he went missing, "Bernama reported on him yesterday.
According to him, search and rescue operations (SAR)
The launch of the search for Finns in January 26 is still ongoing, but the number of members involved has decreased due to lack of leads.
"Rescuers searched around Kampung Paya for about 10 square kilometers, including Kampung Tekek, jungle, hills, beaches and mangroves, until the turtle sanctuary.
"At some point, the tracking dog found the man's smell in Kampung Bunut, but the search results were conducted in a circle," he said . ".
Valtteri arrived in Malaysia on January 18 and entered the island of Tioman on January 21.
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