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Buckingham Palace intruder gets 4 months - intruder alarm system

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-11-14
Buckingham Palace intruder gets 4 months  -  intruder alarm system
A convicted murderer who crossed the wall of Buckingham Palace 10 minutes before "admiring" the garden was sentenced to four months in prison.
When Dennis Hennessy climbed up the top of the wall, his right hand was cut by barbed wire, and the top of the wall was between 2. 5m-
3 m high and set the alarm to turn off.
He then walked around the garden for about 10 minutes, towards the palace, where the Queen lived with the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of York, and was then arrested by armed police.
Prosecutor Tom Nicholson told the Westminster Magistrate Court on Friday that when he was detained, he repeatedly asked "is the lady there ? ".
The 41-year-old Hennessy has admitted allegations of an illegal invasion and a criminal damage to a protected place.
Nicholson said Hennessy damaged the line of the alarm system, which is worth STG2000 ($A4000)
When he turned over the wall around 8.
Wednesday afternoon at 37.
He was arrested around eight.
50, about 50 metres from the palace, triggering "full-
"Scale alert", including sweeping the ground with dogs and helicopters.
Nicholson said: "When the accused entered the scene, Her Majesty lived with the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Edinburgh.
"It caused them a lot of inconvenience.
Sikander Choudry, who defended it, said the unemployed masons had been drinking before the accident.
The court also heard that he was sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of murdering a homeless person in 1992.
Nicholson said: "On Friday, June 19, 1992, at the age of 17, he was accosted by homeless people on the street and he asked him for money and knocked the food out of his hands.
Hennessy was angry and attacked him with an iron rod, beating his skull into small pieces.
"Hennessy had been sniffing the dingbenzene gas before the attack, then jumping to the victim's head and killing him.
He was convicted in Old Bailey on 1993 and released from prison on 2002, and the probation office stopped watching him on 2013.
Hennessy was also convicted of shoplifting in 2016.
Chief Magistrate, senior district judge Howard Riddle sentenced him for four months for trespassing, while he was sentenced to two months for damage to the electrical wiring of the alarm system.
Justice Riedel said his invasion resulted in "serious consequences" and that the alarm needed to be "repaired ".
He added: "In the 1993 incident in Old Bailey, he was convicted of murder, a particularly brutal murder --
This is an aggravating factor.
The judge said Hennessy's explanation of entering the garden was "not credible ".
"The fact that we don't know why he's there at all makes us very worried," he said.
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