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Your guide to weatherproof security cameras

Your guide to weatherproof security cameras


The first thing to note about weatherproof security cameras is that they’re not waterproof. Any device that is waterproof is completely impervious to water. In general, waterproof cameras are the ones people use to take underwater photographs. Outdoor security cameras don’t need to be waterproof, but they do need to be weatherproof if they’re to stand the test of time. In this piece we look at what makes a great outdoor security camera truly weatherproof and protected against all the elements.

Buying Weatherproof Security Cameras

Proper outdoor security cameras come equipped with a weatherproof cover or housing. The purpose of these coverings is to keep out moisture, dust and dirt so that it cannot get inside and damage the camera’s internal components. Some even come with vandal proof housings. These consist of high quality baked-enamels, stainless-steel and painted-steel casings.

As the name suggests, weatherproof cameras can withstand weather conditions. This will include rain, sleet, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature throws their way. However, not all weatherproof home security cameras are alike, hence this guide on how to get the most value for your buck.

Aside from wet conditions, a decent weatherproof camera also has protection against the following:

  • Extreme temperatures

  • Extreme humidity

  • Shocks

  • High falls

In short, water; damp, persistent condensation and wind do not pose a threat to these kinds of security cameras. However, there’s a bit more to choosing one of these systems than first meets the eye. All high quality outdoor cameras have something called an environmental rating. This rating indicates the camera’s suitability for use in certain environments. It sounds technical, but it’s actually very easy to read and useful to consumers.

IP Ratings (Ingress Protection)

We base an outdoor security camera’s suitability on its Ingress Protection (IP) rating (not to be confused with Intellectual Property or IP address). The specifications page of any camera model should determine its environmental rating. Let’s take a closer look at these ratings and see how they can help you make a better informed decision when shopping for outdoor camera systems.

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