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What is the best way to select cheap 4k security camera?

What is the best way to select cheap 4k security camera?


4K security camera system also known as 8MP, (2160p) security camera system, has taken CCTV camera systems to a whole new level. The camera system is designed to deliver high quality images with every possible detail.

Are you new to 4K security camera systems? This article is designed just for you. It will also enlighten those who have been hesitant on how to select the best 4K security camera systems.

Introduction To 4K Security Camera Systems

As we saw earlier, 4K security camera system is also know as 8MP, (2160) security camera system. The camera systems are powered with high end image sensors able to capture videos up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is four times more powerful compared to 1080p Full HD security camera system.

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Without many technical explanations, this just means 4K security camera systems will produce high quality images with very clear details. The camera systems are also designed with the unique quality of being able to zoom distant objects without quality alterations.

When buying these security cameras, you will find that they contain at least (2) 4K security cameras along with densities of channels. Camera systems with 64 and 128 channel usually posses hard drives with hot swap ability.

In case you go for these security camera systems for either your house or property security, you have a wide range of cameras and channels based on you budget and needs.

How To Choose Security Cameras

When you are looking for a security camera, you already have the area to be covered in mind. Therefore, the first thing to ensure is that the goal is met. Questions like; are the cameras for indoors, outdoors or both? Is there a specific location you want to be monitored constantly? Do you need total exterior coverage? will need to be answered before choosing the type of camera you need.

Another issue to consider while choosing the type of camera is the need of live videos, and how many observers will there be. It will enable you to know whether or not you need to use IP cameras. The reason is that IP cameras will allow videos to be accessed remotely using the internet.

With all these factors identified and taken to consideration, quality night vision is the universal necessity. It will be useless to have security cameras with poor night vision, while this is the most crucial time of their existence. For this reason alone, the preference of using 4K security camera systems is pressed.

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Battery Powered Cameras

If your surveillance doesn't require multi camera network, then the battery-powered cameras are the best choice. They will be able to operate on stand alone units with great efficiency. Since there is no need of running wires, battery powered 4K security cameras are very easy to install. The cameras are perfect options for rental properties as well as apartments. The reason is simply because modifications are not necessarily needed after installment.

Not being wired makes them also flexible for relocation around your home. You may need to cover a specif area at a certain time, so you can easily place your camera. This is the reason they are the best choice for homes and apartments.

The only challenge about these cameras is that the batteries will need to be changed from time to time. Since they are also single-camera systems they generally cheaper compared to others.

These cameras are mostly wi-fi IP cameras, this will rise the need to have stable internet connection for transmission. If the internet is not sturdy the access to the cameras won't be great. On the other hand, most of these cameras offer things like;

- Motion detection alert.

-Automatic on motion and audio recording.

-Two way audio communication.

Hybrid Cameras

One of the most popular cameras systems in the market today is Hybrid Cameras. These cameras operate over an AC power cable, which gives them advantage over the battery powered. The reason is simply that they can be placed in a location without regular needs to change the batteries.

Although the great limitation of these kind of cameras is their proximity. Since they require a power port you can't just place them in any exterior location. Another thing to note is that the multi-camera system will require power plug for every camera.

The similarity between battery powered 4K security cameras and hybrid cameras is that they are both IP cameras. This means they will also transmit feeds over the wi-fi internet network. Although the difference is that some multi-camera hybrid will utilize local hard drives.

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Wired 4K Security Cameras

In the last few years these kind of cameras were the only ones referred to as surveillance cameras. The reason is because of their bulky structures that were easily spotted in the business buildings. But the recent technological advancements have changed all that. Nowadays you can find wired security cameras with very portable structures.

These kind of cameras are also known for their high stability. The reason is because both the power and feeds are utilizing wires for transmission. For those areas with high level of network instability, these are the perfect fit. Some models of wired cameras are PoE (Power Over Ethernet). This means the will use the same wire to draw feeds and power.

Although these cameras are proven to be the best, running wires during installation is time consuming. Regardless the innovation of PoE, wires are still included. Another thing to be noted is that, since video files are transmitted via wires, their quality will be as higher as their size.

These cameras will need large hard drives, since the wired surveillance has much greater data requirements. The time taken for the cameras to record will also be determined by the size of the drive. Most people prefer to use up to 8TB in order to record long footage before the need to overwrite.


Generally, 4K security cameras are the best in the market today. Depending on your needs and budget, there are varieties to choose from. Just Remember that the level of security required will determine the cameras needed. As long as you choose to use 4K security cameras your security goals will be guaranteed.

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