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what is suspicious behavior in a neighborhood?-Ansjer cctv English

what is suspicious behavior in a neighborhood?

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
If you have any knowledge of the neighborhood watch program, then you may have heard that if you are part of it, if you see any suspicious behavior happening in or around the area, you should inform the police.
Home safety systems experts will definitely recommend this because the best way to make a community safer is to prevent crime from happening in the first place.
However, you may not know what suspicious behavior is.
Should you call the police when you see an unknown teenager walking down the street visiting friends?
Is there an unmarked white service van in front of your neighbor\'s driveway suspicious?
If you are not used to discovering unusual behaviors, it is easy to become almost paranoid when you first start looking for them.
Here are some examples of the behavior you might want to report to the police. 1.
If you see someone coming into-
In the middle of the day, knock on the door and stare at him.
Pay attention to see if he shakes the door handle on the door or if he tries to peek into the window and see if anyone is at home.
These are all suspicious acts that suggest that he is trying to find a house that is unoccupied and that there may be an unlocked door stolen.
If you notice these actions, call the police immediately. 2.
If you notice a service van with no marks on the neighbor\'s driveway, you \'d better call the neighbor to verify that he is repairing or installing something.
A white van is definitely the bait for thieves and they need to have a cover so that they can enter the house without attracting the attention of their neighbors.
However, if the van is not marked, that is the red flag.
Most service companies have their names, phone numbers and logos on their service vehicles.
If you can\'t find your neighbor, it\'s a good idea to call the police to report this unmarked van. 3.
If you see anyone you don\'t know walking around, watch him carefully.
He may stop in front of houses that do not show signs of installing a home safety system, while passing on those houses that apparently have a home safety system installed.
You can certainly face this person by asking who he is visiting or what he is doing there, but be very careful.
You never know that man\'s ability.
If you decide to talk to someone you don\'t know, take a friend with you.
There is always security in numbers.
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