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What are thermal security cameras?

What are thermal security cameras?


Thermal security cameras detect heat. They do not require any light at all to function. Instead, these cameras construct video from minute differences in temperature. 

These temperature variations are displayed as different shades of grey. In essence, the hotter an object is, the brighter it will glow. This makes thermal security cameras exceptional at detection. People, and machines (such as cars), emit plenty of heat and are typically very easy to spot against the cooler backgrounds. Thermal cameras can also penetrate through most atmospheric conditions, such as smoke, dust or even light fog. 

Thermal cameras work very well with our HD visible cameras, since they do not have a very high resolution. When combined, you will receive the maximum detection abilities of the thermal camera with the crisp details of our HD cameras. A bonus feature of our thermal cameras is that they are compatible with both MPX and IP security systems.

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