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think you missed the boat on smart home technology? here’s how to get started inexpensively.

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
Smart home technology has become a popular word in the real estate market.
Over the past few years, the number of products that control your elements has grown exponentially. From all-in-
A device that can control everything about a product, thereby improving efficiency and saving money, many non-technical consumers may be intimidated by these technologies.
Here are some easy ways to do this without breaking the bank: find a home automation center.
Perhaps the most important part of starting your smart home journey is deciding on the home automation center.
The home automation center is like a personal assistant.
Think of it as task control for a variety of products you might want to use.
These products are easy to install;
All you need to set up a virtual personal assistant is the WiFi network and the products you like.
These devices, such as Amazon Echo or Google Homes, are appearing more and more in the market, which is great for consumers, and it will continue to press down prices and increase technological innovation.
For example, you can use your home assistant to play your favorite artist through a speaker, adjust the temperature to your liking, turn the lights on and off, or ask about the weather.
In any case, your home automation center is the cheap way to connect your lifestyle to your home.
Recommended: Amazon Echo ($180)
Or Google Home ($130). (Jeffrey P.
Amazon is the world of Bezos.
Washington Post)
Installation difficulty: EasyForget old-
School light bulb
Imagine transitioning the mood lighting at home from the bright light of the day to the soft light of the night and to a different color during the party.
All of this is provided from the most basic smart lighting package.
One of the key points of smart home technology is lighting.
The most obvious visual effect is that smart lights take longer
Long-lasting led and wireless technology can turn the lights on and off (
Although you can still use the old one
Old Light Switch).
Smart lights are great because you don\'t need to upgrade your space.
These lights are screwed into existing fixtures and can be operated via a mobile phone, laptop or homeautomation hub.
While expensive, most bulbs will last for years, even if not decades.
Each bulb comes in a variety of colors, and smart lights may start to appear in many new listings as a feature of the home.
Suggestion: Philips Starter Kit (
3 bulbs and bridges, $199)
Difficult to install: heat easily and make your home smarter.
When it comes to smart home technology, most people think of their thermostat first.
Early innovators such as Nest first appeared in the market and newly developed listed companies.
The premise is simple: The Intelligent HVAC system is actually running through a thermostat.
Instead of replacing the entire HVAC system, most products \"slide\" on existing cabling to provide cost savings and convenience for home heating and refrigeration.
The benefits of this technology include cost savings as the smart thermostat learns your habits.
Whether you like the warm temperature in the morning or leave the system at work during the day and turn off the system, the smart thermostat will make you get used to it.
Also, you can access the thermostat from anywhere in the world and it will be convenient when you come back from a long trip that requires heating or cooling your home.
Recommended: Nest Learning Thermostat ($250)or ecobee 7-
Thermostat (both $250)
Installation difficulty: Medium, non
Convenient owners may want to consult a power company that uses the upgrade system to protect your home.
Although this is not a new technology, the home safety system has undergone a major renovation in the past few years.
And the old technology is subscription-based.
The home safety system, for convenience, there are several products that are now considered plug-and-play.
Modern products are not paid to a security company every year, but are tailored to consumers who want to see them first --
Give you what happens when you are away from home.
Most products usually include
Install motion sensors, cameras, door alarms and fobs to easily disable the system.
Almost all products offer custom apps that will notify you via message or phone when interference is detected.
In addition, Washington offers a rebate program for homeowners and renters who install security systems at home.
When registering in the region, the reimbursement plan for each address is up to $500.
This is a huge incentive for those who want to get a discount when installing a security system.
Suggestion: Family Safety System for Star Scouts ($320)
Installation difficulties: modern forgot to be locked outside the house.
Like security camera systems, smart locks can be used for multiple purposes.
First of all, smart locks provide great security through keyless technology.
Second, the smart lock is universal because consumers can decide who can enter the house even if the owner is not there.
Several of these lock options allow the owner to enter the house instantly or temporarily for the guest.
For example, a smart lock can allow access by a housekeeper or pet sitter on certain days without the need for a physical key.
This access then expires and guests may no longer enter.
For consumers, this also means not to be locked at home because you can enter with your smartphone.
Although relatively cheap, most smart locks should be installed by locksmith or handyman who is familiar with the home change.
This may be a product left to the experts!
Suggestion: Smart Lock on August ($230)
Or Schlage Smart Lock ($200)
Installation difficulty: difficult (
It is recommended to hire locksmith or general contractor)
Spending hundreds of dollars in one or more of these categories can add a lot to your home.
Intelligent technology should not be considered terrible; instead, smart-
Home Technology emphasizes life in the best way.
Tim Savoy, a real estate agent on Capitol Hill at Colville banker\'s residential brokerage, occasionally wrote a column about Washington.
Real estate market.
Timothy can be reached. Savoy@cbmove.
Com and Twitter @ savoyreal estate.
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