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The solution for 8CH NVR crash (K9508-W)

The solution for 8CH NVR crash (K9508-W)


Please follow up the below video to reset the system:

Use USB-Stick to upgrade NVR software version steps

(only use for can not boot into system, the NVR original software version lower than v2.8.4.30)

1. Please formate USB stick with HPUSBFW V2.2.3.exe

2. Copy the"help.rom"and the "systool" files to USB-Stick's root directory

3. Plug the USB-Stick into NVR USB driver .

4. Power on NVR, then NVR will upgrade automatic, then you will hear "BI" , then wait for around 6 minutes, NVR will upgrade successfully and rebooting. (note: please don't power off NVR , when upgrading)

5. If after 6min upgrade successfully, but NVR doesn't work normally, please try again.

Keep USB-stick plug on NVR, power off NVR, then power on. Wait for 6 min,NVR will upgrade successfully and rebooting.

6. After upgrade , if channel inforation is delect, please matach code to add camera to NVR channel again. steps as:
Video managerment--reflash--double click the found out camera, then the camera match code to NVR. 


1. USB-stick should be formate to FAT32 before use to upgrade.

2. If NVR no found USB-stick, please use HPUSBFW V2.2.3.exe to format.

3. The systool file in USB-stick is one-time-use, if want to upgrade again, should copy systool file to usb-stick again.

sysztool - Download

help.rom - Download

HPUSBFW V2.2.3.exe - Download

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