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The importance of home Wireless Security Camera for families

The importance of home Wireless Security Camera for families


The home Wireless Security Camera is a precautionary measure based on home security. It uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect intrusion in the armed monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the on-duty personnel to indicate the area of the alarm, indicating that it may be taken. Countermeasure system. Mainly use the host to connect various detectors through wireless or wired to realize the anti-theft alarm function. With people's emphasis on family safety, home security is becoming more and more widely used. How to choose wired and wireless, home security camera needs a trick.

However, the security cameras at home are generally not like large-scale places such as buildings and finance that require wide-range surveillance and clear imaging cameras. In-home security, surveillance cameras are generally used in conjunction with anti-theft alarms. After receiving the alarm from the anti-theft alarm, the user monitors it through the monitoring camera in time to see if someone intrudes or the anti-theft alarm falsely reports. Therefore, when selecting a surveillance camera, there is no need to choose a surveillance camera with high definition, long surveillance range, and high price. If there is no one on duty for 24 hours in a room, it is recommended to choose a surveillance camera with infrared night vision.

But some people will point out that while the anti-theft alarm is linked, if the thief invades and completes the crime within the effective time of the police, then you should choose a high-definition security camera for the police to provide clues for the subsequent detection of the case. Indeed, high-definition security video can indeed increase the chance of solving a case, but for ordinary families, high-definition surveillance cameras are also expensive. If there is a need for individual users, how to judge the pros and cons of a high-definition camera?


How many cameras you need depends on what you need them to do. Do you need to install them indoors to monitor babies and babysitters, or do you need them to monitor doorways or gardens? You must also think about whether you need to record, in this case, you also need to buy a video recorder.

If it is a regular-sized apartment in a high-end community, a burglar alarm is sufficient; if it is a regular-sized apartment in a downtown area, you need more than an alarm. An outdoor camera will be more helpful for monitoring external spaces such as gardens and backyards. If the thieves can see the camera monitoring them, they dare not easily start your house, especially when there are houses without monitoring equipment around.

In addition, what functions do you want the security system to include, do you want wired or wireless cameras?

Wired security cameras require construction wiring, and some changes will be made to the building wall at the installation site during installation. These cameras should stay in a fixed location. When the surveillance camera is moved, it needs to be rewired, which is very cumbersome, time-consuming, and uneconomical for home users. On the contrary, the wireless camera can be moved wherever you want, because it supports wifi wireless monitoring. But their transmission signals may be blocked by mobile phone signals or wireless networks, which will affect the quality of video transmission. Wired products have no such problems, and can provide higher resolution than the same wireless products.

How to choose wired and wireless?

Wired network cameras can work normally when they are directly plugged into a network port or router that can access the Internet. The advantages of using a wired network camera: the technology is mature, and the industrial network camera technology is directly transplanted. It is not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, and the cost of Internet access is relatively low. The disadvantage is that it is complicated to install, requires wiring, and can only be accessed through a computer. The range of use is limited, and it is no longer suitable for modern home use.

The wireless network camera needs to cooperate with the wireless router, and the wireless router needs to be able to access the Internet. The advantages of using wifi or 3g wireless network cameras: no wiring is required, it is more convenient to install and increase the number of cameras, and the cost of Internet access is relatively low. Such home network cameras are the market development trend and mainstream.

If you support wireless network monitoring, there will be additional points. In the family monitoring products, what kind of products can achieve all-in-one? Since it is a network security camera, the product will also meet multiple network protocols. Not only that, but a good wireless network function also highlights the convenience of civilian products. The installation is simple, no wiring is required, and the application range is wide.

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