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Ansjer cctv-the desktop in your palm: nokia n900 English

the desktop in your palm: nokia n900

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
With the Nokia N900, the Finnish company dumped Symbian for the bulky, powerful \"handheld computer\" running the Maemo operating system.
Nokia has broken this model, and the N900 replaces the company\'s usual Symbian operating system with Maemo, a more advanced system.
The hardware is also powerful, with a pull
QWERTY is a 600 MHz ARM A8 processor, 1 gb of RAM, 32 gb of storage space and a touch screen with a very high resolution, even if it is a pity that only resistors are not capacitors.
So its width and volume are not common, but it is great for watching videos and browsing the web, Maemo is easy to use, although sometimes the touch screen doesn\'t respond-it\'s one of the ever-decreasing phones that still come with stylus.
Nokia added a small bracket-
Watch the video for free.
Open though-
The source nature of the operating system, the Maemo app Portal is a bit of a lack of choice, and while Facebook is included, the phone is not suitable for social networks.
However, VoIP offers multiple IM clients and cheap phones.
The web browser is the main attraction on the n900.
It switches seamlessly between Wi-
The Fi and 3g connections provide full Flash compatibility and a new Firefox mobile browser is packaged.
The only problem is that its power makes you miss out a lot
It\'s more about touching an iPhone or desire.
The music player on the N900 is also very interesting.
There are easy-to-access widgets on the home screen, and it also synchronizes tracks on the Windows 7 main PC.
The storage is impressive, with 32 gb on board and the option to add another 16 gb via microSD and support Internet radio out of the box.
Built-in wireless home network.
Although there is very little talk time, in fact the battery performance of the N900 is the best in the test, this phone is an attractive choice for anyone, don\'t delay it because of its ugliness and lack of antics in other areas.
Love: The power of the N900 lies in its processor, and since Maemo is open source, the web is filled with easy ways to modify and upgrade it: most people will find it too big, in our opinion
We say: The N900 is a powerful, versatile device, but over-
Size, ugly and much less serious
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