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About the night vision question for the security camera

About the night vision question for the security camera


1. Do wireless cameras have night vision?

Yes. The night vision ranges of Ansjer wireless cameras are similar to our wired cameras. This is because our wireless cameras receive enough power to operate the infrared lights.

2. Why is night vision black and white?

Infrared light falls just outside of the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is within this visible portion that we see color.

Infrared light has a longer wavelength, falling just outside of the visible spectrum (which is also why infrared light is invisible to the human eye). So in low-light situations, the camera cannot detect the visible light wavelength. Rather, it detects the infrared light wavelength, which is not part of the visible spectrum and is thus black and white.

3. Why is my color night vision in black and white?

Color night vision cameras need ambient light to produce full color images in the dark. CNV cameras use the same kind of Active night vision as most of our other security cameras, but with a more sensitive image sensor. 

This image sensor can absorb more light, which is how it is able to continue to see color at night. Without any ambient light (under 1 Lux), the security camera will have to rely entirely on its infrared LEDs, which will turn the footage to black and white.

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