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protect your home from burglars

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
If the thief breaks the gate into your home, what about the flashing alarm on the phone?
Given that a lot of burglary and robbery has brought sleepless nights to many people in the city and suburbs, such an option would help.
Install a magnetic door sensor, a glass crushing sensor, or a motion sensor to protect your home.
At least 50 homes in Twin Cities have installed these safety devices to prevent theft, and in some cases, intruders are caught by family or neighbors while sneaking into the house at night.
These gadgets are connected to a wired or wireless panel and can store the contact numbers of family members, neighbors, and police officers.
If the thief opens the main lock, the automatic calling device connected to the panel will dial the first phone number stored in it.
If the number is busy in a row, the phone goes to the second phone number.
The recipient can then remind the neighbor to check the house.
At the same time, the owl connected to the panel also made a sound of 110 decibels, explained G.
Muthu Kumar, managing partner of AA enterprise handling security gadgets. A three-
This home safety system can be installed by independent homeowners at the expense of Rs. 20,000.
Some families have set up these devices in the grand Qing tombs of Banjara Hills, Madhapur, Begum pet, Shamshabad and Dilsukhnagar.
According to Mr.
Kumar, the magnetic door sensor is used to monitor the inlet and outlet points of the closure, and is designed to send signals to the main panel when contact breaks between the transmitter and the corresponding magnetic sensor.
The motion sensor is equipped with a passive infrared sensor that will detect unauthorized movement in the chamber when the alarm system is in an armed state.
It can distinguish between the movement of pets and people, thus eliminating the possibility of false positives.
The glass crushing detector is a sensor that is used to detect whether the glass is broken or broken, and is usually used to detect any glass breakage near the glass door and window, which immediately signals to the main panel.
The wireless panel is the main connection device of the security system, which supports all wireless detectors, door sensors, etc.
According to Mr. Kumar.
Police officials also said the installation of the security system helped prevent theft.
Surveillance cameras allow them to track down thieves in several thefts, a proper example of a gold robbery at a jewelry store in Begum Bazaar.
Police records in the city showed 734 cases of burglary in 2011, compared with 979 in 2010. More than Rs. 35.
On 2011, property valued at Rs 47 was stolen, while property valued at Rs 47 was stolen. 29.
2010 was 95 crore.
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