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play it safe

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
As we grew up, we had a great anti-theft alarm at home-our dog.
Even if it\'s just a cat passing by, she keeps barking to remind the whole community.
A few years later, my first job took me away from home and I moved into an apartment in a strange city with a friend.
We were not happy with the strange-looking watchman, and we fixed a chain on the gate.
This and peep holes make us feel safe.
However, I recently visited a family friend and was shown a face. to-
Face a realblue, hi-
Electronic anti-theft alarm. Chennai-
A few years ago, Gopinath installed an anti-theft alarm while building his home.
\"The front door, back door and windows are all connected by connecting to the anti-theft alarm control panel.
\"Even in the bedroom there are sensors to detect motion and alert,\" said Gopinath . \".
If someone tries to enter through the main door or window, the siren on either side of the House will start screaming. Hi-
As the city life becomes more and more dangerous and the crime rate rises, more and more people become more and more dangerous.
Pay attention to family safety.
In fact, the police even recommend automatic anti-theft alarms, because police are a challenge in crowded cities and far away places. flung suburbs.
And it\'s not just an alarm.
When you travel, you can connect the lights at home to the system, they can be programmed to turn on and off every once in a while, giving the impression that there are people at home.
\"It\'s not just commercial buildings that install security systems, it\'s not just homes for very rich people,\" said Nanda Kumar, CEO of active general security systems (ATSS), Chennai.
\"Safety is a concern for all.
Harshun in Chennai
An ATSS anti-theft alarm was recently installed.
\"My wife and I went out during the day and my elderly mother was at home alone,\" harshun said . \".
\"We were worried about her safety and installed an anti-theft alarm.
\"His system comes with an emergency button and a battery back --
In the case of power failure
If someone tries to break in, it will go to the pre-
The programmed phone number of the contact.
When it comes to the functionality that can be incorporated into the home security system, it\'s just the beginning.
\"You can install video door phones, cctv, fire alarms and even mobile doors,\" said Balaji Gopalan, partner of Tecnokrat . \".
However, he warned that all of this should be integrated at home during the construction phase.
\"While building such a system, a lot of wiring and installation is required, which may be both expensive and complicated in the House that has been built.
\"When there is a break, most people start asking about the anti-theft alarm --
\"Then we started getting calls from people who want to know more about the security system,\" Nanda Kumar said . \".
It may be smarter to lock your stable door in advance.
Experts suggest that when installing an anti-theft alarm at home, it is important for security experts to investigate property.
For example, you need advice on a wired or wireless anti-theft alarm.
At present, there seems to be better service and after-sales service for wired system
Sales support in India, according to Nanda Kumar.
Also, the variety you get can be mind --boggling.
You can use motion sensors, vibration sensors, emergency switches, etc.
Depending on what you think is the most dangerous place, you may want a video phone to see who is at the door, or a biometric lock to stop the intruder.
\"There are more than 20 types of alerts,\" said Nirmal Kumar, project manager at Honeywell . \".
\"The right alarm can be fixed according to the House, the customer\'s needs and the required functions.
\"Ask what you want to protect-the whole family, a room or an outdoor access.
You also need to know how much you want to spend and how high --
The technology you want.
So, for example, if you want to be reminded that there may be intruders inside your composite wall, you can consider the weather --
Anti-infrared system that is not triggered by small animals or pets.
If it senses the intruder, it will ring the bell indoors.
Or you can only protect access points at home.
In most cases, the automatic system of the alarm or neighbor works well.
The Panic button is a new and useful device.
They can be placed in the House and residents can run to the nearest button to immediately alert the police.
With an alarm clock at home, you don\'t have to expect the night watchman to fall asleep or the dog to bark worse than the bite.
But buy from a reputable dealer. “Low-
\"The cost variety is available, but in terms of safety, it is best to spend it on reliable high-quality products,\" said Balaji . \".
You can\'t compromise on family safety.
The panic button can be placed throughout the house, and residents can run to the nearest button and immediately alert the police.
The price of buying tips ● anti-theft alarm is from Rs.
More than 6,000, excluding wiring and additional functions ● Ensure alarm with security card and after-sales service
Sales Service ● Install alarms during the housing construction phase to reduce costs ● Get expert advice and find out the type of alarms your home needs ● Choose a simple system instead of overusing
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