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how to choose the right webcam surveillance software?

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
Many people want some spy equipment for better home safety.
However, in addition to the wireless spy cameras, VCR, or DVR systems, there is software specifically used to control these monitoring devices.
Large companies use professional security systems and have built in (
Embedded digital video recorder or PC-based DVR software)
Spy camera control software
But what about the little guy?
Do you also have to spend thousands of dollars on professional spy security systems and software to feel safe and reliable in your house?
This is not the answer.
Webcam for spy purposes you have the ability to use a webcam (
Connect to your PC)
As a monitoring tool.
In order to control it, you just need the cheap webcam monitoring software.
In fact, this software allows you to connect multiple cameras.
It can display up to 16 webcam views on your computer screen.
In addition, the webcam monitoring software even allows you to detect motion and start capturing events in milliseconds.
This means that you don\'t have to turn on the webcam monitoring software all the time to keep the area safe.
By using the motion detection webcam, you can also save the hard disk of your computer (hard drive)space.
You know, video requires a lot of hard disk space.
24-hour uninterrupted recording may require 1 gb of hard disk space per day.
Well, it depends on the quality of the selected image.
Lower quality images require less bandwidth.
Also, if you set a lower FPS (
Number of frames per second)
This will save more hard disk space.
But if you have a big hard drive (
More than 160 GB)
Then there\'s nothing to worry about.
What are the webcam surveillance software looking?
There are a few things to consider before you decide to order the webcam monitoring software.
Let\'s take a look at some of the features of the webcam software that you should seriously consider, OK?
* Audio capture-
Is there an audio capture option for your webcam monitoring software?
If not, then you should consider it carefully.
It\'s important if you want to record a conversation.
* Compressed file-
Does your webcam software compress video files?
If not, then your hard drive space may fill up quickly.
Try to search for software that compresses video without losing quality.
* Remote access-
This is important.
If you have the webcam record this area, you should be able to access the view of the webcam via an Internet connection.
This is a very simple function that must be absolutely available in webcam software.
* Motion detection-
We already mentioned it.
Motion detection is also very important.
You don\'t want to record this area when nothing happens, right.
So make sure motion sensing is enabled in your software.
* Reminder options-
Is there a reminder option for webcam monitoring software?
An alarm is issued when some webcam software detects something.
They can alert by email and even call the phone number.
You should look for this feature as it is very neat and tidy.
* Multiple webcam-
Can your monitoring software record live views from multiple network cameras? 2, 4 or 16?
If you want to connect multiple cameras to your PC, then you must definitely support multiple webcam in the software of your choice. * Stealth mode-
Is the webcam software running in stealth mode?
Stealth mode means no one can see if the software is running.
Even if they press \"Ctr Alt Del\" and look at the Windows Task Manager, this will not be done!
Look for webcam monitoring software that allows you to do all or at least most of the above.
If your software can\'t detect motion, there is no alarm option, there is no recording option, then look for a better solution.
Web camera software (
For spy or family protection purposes)
Combined with some cheap webcams, it is definitely available as a basic home security system.
You can put your webcam in the most important place and have your computer record the view of each camera.
If something unusual is detected by the motion sensor, they can alert you by email or phone.
However, if you are really looking for quality and allin-
A solution for professional home protection, then a more powerful DVR security system with multiple spy cameras may be your best choice.
These systems cost thousands of dollars, but they are ideal for quality home or office protection.
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