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How to choose security camera system products

How to choose security camera system products


In recent years, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and 5G have emerged in an endless stream, especially the in-depth application of the Internet of Things and the vigorous development of smart city construction have further contributed to the growing growth of the home security camera market. Data show that in 2022, China’s large security market The scale will reach one trillion.

The huge market demand, strong policy support, and the accelerated transformation of technology have caused security to attract much attention and expectations. In terms of technical demand and market size, the security field is one of the best natural application scenarios of artificial intelligence. AI+security, Has become a prominent feature of the industry's development.

Based on the continuous in-depth application of AI technology in the field of home security camera, taking household products as an example, when we purchase related home security camera products, we need to focus on the following factors:

1. Easy installation

The home security camera can be fixed in a corner. In this case, the camera will not be disassembled after it is fixed. For such needs, only the base structure of the product is required for easy installation. If the camera is required to be movable, or even used as a two-way audio and video interactive probe, higher requirements are required for the installation of the camera.

Generally speaking, when the camera is required to be "removable", the base structure should not be fixed by screws, but by adsorption type, clip type or flat type, which is easy to move and use (some cameras come with large-capacity batteries, support Independent power supply), such as the design of the base of the magnet, the camera can be arbitrarily adsorbed on the surface of the iron metal, eliminating the need for installation.

2. Convenient networking

In terms of network connection, it is recommended to choose WiFi products. After all, it is quite troublesome and unsightly to pull the network cable for the camera. Networking is also an important part of camera installation. At present, it is mainly connected through APP networking or attached to platforms such as QQ and WeChat. In order to facilitate customers to connect the device to the control terminal, they are usually quickly accessed through QR code scanning in the local area network to continue the fool-like operation.


3. Equipped with night vision

Some home monitoring equipment does not have the night vision function, that is, at night, the monitoring equipment is completely a decoration, and cannot play the role of monitoring. Therefore, equipment with night vision is still very necessary, especially in the dark places such as corridors, halls, aisles, and warehouses. Infrared night vision cameras can be considered, and infrared and daily functions can be freely switched.


4. HD quality

When choosing a camera, the image quality is very important, which is largely determined by the resolution of the camera. The mainstream HD resolution on the market is now 1.3 million or 2 million. HD security camera system may be a good choice for you. 

According to the current 4G network bandwidth situation, the viewing terminal (such as a mobile phone) should maintain a smooth video effect, the resolution is preferably D1 or even CIF, and the frame rate should not exceed 25fps. Therefore, the home camera must have at least dual stream output, one way for normal video, for daily storage, and one way for remote download and browsing. Encoding technology, the current mainstream technology is still H.264, if there is a camera that supports Smart264 or H.265 encoding is the best.

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5. Reliable and practical

Considering the use environment, monitoring objects, monitoring methods, maintenance and use costs and other factors, it is appropriate to adopt a distributed system and modular structure design to meet the needs of system scale expansion, function expansion, and supporting software upgrades. And the product does not have to be very professional and advanced, just enough, users can expand or cut the system as needed, reflecting sufficient flexibility.

Our country has now grown into the second largest economy in the world, has a vast domestic market, and has great potential in the home security camera market. With the improvement of the network foundation, the growth of the economic level, and the continuous improvement of the public's safety awareness, the home security camera market will become an important force for conventional security needs.

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