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Can I connect a Ansjer system to my TV or monitor?

Yes. All of our DVRs and NVRs come with both VGA and HDMI video outputs. This allows you to connect your system to your HD TV or virtually any other type of monitor. You can also use both of these outputs simultaneously to view your cameras on two different monitors or TVs.

Why image seems to be blurry at night for app, but TV not?

It is normal, because the transmission of the resolution for APP monitoring is CIF, the frame rate is 6fps, and it is 2CH D1+6CH CIF/8CH 960H on TV real time monitoring, the frame rate is 25fps, then it is normal to see the image seems to be blurry at night vision.

What does pentaplex operation mean?

Ansjer security recorders can do five things simultaneously. First and foremost, they will record footage. At the same time, you can view the live feeds, playback recorded footage, backup important files to a USB stick, and remotely control your system from your smartphone or tablet - all without affecting the live recordings.

How do I download recorded videos?

You can download video footage to a portable USB drive or an external USB hard drive. After inserting your USB media into the USB port on the DVR or NVR, right click on the live view to bring up the main menu (you may have to log-in at this point). 


Next, click on the "Backup" menu option. From there, select the channel and start / end time that you would like to backup. A list of files should then appear. Click the files you would like to backup and click start. Your clip(s) will then begin to download onto your USB media.

What does Pre/Post Alarm recording mean? 

Pre and Post Alarm Recording allows the DVR to be configured to record before and after an alarm has been triggered.

What is a 4K camera?

4K IP cameras are defined as having at least 4,000 (4K) horizontal pixels.  Some of the cameras that are touted as 4K don’t actually  meet the specification.  Typical high resolution 4K cameras provide over 4,000 pixels, but actually operate best with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.   4K cameras from Sony, Samsung and Hikvision all meet the 4K requirement, while Axis cameras have less resolution, but still say they are 4K.  It is best to check the details before selecting a camera and take a look at our review of 4K cameras.

What is Power over Ethernet or PoE?

The latest IP cameras get power over the network. This is referred to as Power over Ethernet (PoE). You can also add a PoE midspan or power injector between the switch and the camera. This means that you only need to run one network cable to each camera, making installation very easy.

Why should I get a security camera system?

Security cameras have been proven to be more of a deterrent to intruders over alarms for the simple fact that the would be intruder now knows he has already been caught before even entering your property by capturing his face on film.

Another reason is that a would be intruder will usually move on to the next mark after knowing his every move will be recorded.

This can be used as indisputable proof to your insurance company that an incident took place and speed up the process of recovering your money for your stolen items.

Why would I need a Surveillance System?

Surveillance systems are used for Security, Theft Prevention, Protection, Employee Monitoring and many other purposes. For businesses, a surveillance system may be used for monitoring employees and productivity, safety of employees, documenting customer visits, preventing fraud and theft, and providing court documentation if theft were to occur. For Homes, a surveillance system may be used for watching your children while you are at work or inside the house, watching your pets (for extreme pet lovers), monitoring your home while you are away on a trip, watching for delivery of packages, monitor a philandering spouse, or making home videos of those times when you just don't have a camera handy. In the world today, the need for a CCTV Surveillance System is increasing. Suspicious activity can be recorded and reported immediately to the authorities. Cameras also help us catch the perpetrator or save ourselves from embarrassment of false accusations.

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