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Do you know why and when the bullet CCTV cameras can be used?

Do you know why and when the bullet CCTV cameras can be used?


INTRODUCTION Bullet CCTV Camera is a small and in the shape of a bullet or rifle camera used in surveillance systems. They are normally 2 -2.5 inches long and have a limited fixed focal length. They are often fixed outside on a wall or a ceiling. They are also refereed to lipstick cameras because of their sizes.

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4K CCTV is an ultra-high-definition in recording camera. They have horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels and a vertical resolution of 2160 pixels. 4k CCTV cameras enable a zooming in further into the recorded images, they are able to cover larger areas than other cameras and one can see more when using a CCTV camera that is 4k.

There are bullet CCTV cameras that are 4K Cameras and this gives quality and efficient images.

WHY BULLET CAMERAS The features and benefits of bullet CCTV cameras explain the reasons why one should get Bullet CCTV cameras.


1.Weather proofing Bullet CCTV cameras are weather Proof in the sense that they can work well in low light and even zero light. In addition the bullet CCTV cameras are waterproof and therefore cannot be damaged by rainwater. Hence can be used in all seasons and even outdoors without getting damaged.

2. Vandal proof housing This gives the camera absolute protection from being destroyed by intruders. The camera connections are also protected from damaging by unauthorized persons. This feature also protects s the camera from damage from objects thrown at them.

3.The mount A bullet CCTV camera has a flexible mounting in that they can mount on any surface such as walls, ceilings and roof tops. They are also able to turn on a point in any direction hence ensuring security of the intended areas. This mounting component also allows you to insert the videos and power connections into the base thereby being protected from tampering. The part of the camera that mounts has an internal rubber ring that protects the base and connections from dust and water.

4.Sun visor Bullet camera comes with adjustable sun visor that guards the lens from sunlight. It is possible to move the camera forward or backward to protect the camera from the sun.

5.Cables  Bullet CCTV cameras have connections coming out of them that deliver power to the camera and the videos from the cameras making them efficient.

The weather proof and vandal proof features ensure the durability of the Bullet CCTV cameras. On the other hand the sun visor, mounting and cable components allow a quick installation of the Bullet 4K CCTV CAMERAS.

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Bullet CCTV cameras can either be wired or wireless. The wireless are very advantageous in the sense that they can be carried anywhere and can be set anywhere without an issue making them very efficient. The wireless Bullet CCTV cameras are taking offer the market due to their efficiency and portability. Waterproof  The feature of a bullet CCTV camera of being waterproof makes it possible for these cameras to be used under water and outdoors in all weather conditions. They cannot be damaged by rain water and hence durable.


Bullet CCTV cameras are easily installed or mounted because of their mounting handle. After installation, the camera can be repositioned while it is still mounted when one wants to change the area under view unlike other traditional CCTV cameras. The wireless Bullet CCTV cameras are the easiest to install for there are no connections needed for installation.

Long camera Range Bullet cameras are able to give a larger view especially for areas that require large viewing. This allows for more coverage with just one camera. Such areas may include the backyards and parking lots.
Not easy to be seen. Due to their small sizes the Bullet CCTV cameras are not easy to find and therefore can be concealed from unwanted persons. This makes them to be used for spying in cases of investigations of matters without being detected by those being investigated. They therefore cannot be tampered with in cases of intended burglary and can capture every detail without being detected.

Bullet CCTV cameras cover a large range and therefore are suitable to be used in the Parking lots and backyard s or areas that require large viewing. They are able to cover the large area while still giving quality images and video recordings. For example the Bullet CCTV cameras that are 4K cameras give high definition resolution that translates to quality image. Identifying of vehicle number plates in a parking lot is easy when using Bullet CCTV cameras in the Surveillance systems.

Bullet CCTV cameras are water proof and therefore ideal for using under water or in places that are covered with water without being damaged by the water. For instance such cameras are good for the Marine works.

The size of a Bullet CCTV camera is very small and makes it possible to be hidden from being seen by any person not intended to view it. This makes them usable when spying or investigating. For example they are ideal for supermarkets as they cannot be seen and hence effective. Also in business they can be used to secretively monitor the employees and their dealings in the company.

OUTDOOR Being Waterproof and having protection from the sunlight make the Bullet CCTV cameras very ideal to be used outdoors. Actually most Bullet CCTV cameras are used outdoors because they cannot be damaged by any harsh weather conditions. Also the fact that they are protected from the sunlight makes it possible for the Bullet CCTV cameras to give quality images that have not been damaged by too much sunlight hence suitable and convenient for outdoors.

CONCLUSION Bullet CCTV cameras are very efficient durable and effective. They provide good security measures and are very cost effective. They are good for outdoors and underwater. They come with a lot of benefits and therefore a really good choice.

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