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david bly: our appliances are just waiting to betray us-Ansjer cctv English

david bly: our appliances are just waiting to betray us

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
When we were driving through the Seattle area this summer, our GPS navigation device made a beep to inform us of the congestion ahead.
We are confused.
GPS devices are not complicated-
It receives signals from around the world.
Satellite and joint positioning
Coordinate this information with its built-in
Tell us on the map where we are and how to get to where we are going.
As far as we know, it has no other connection with any other signal source.
It beeps again.
More congestion and suggested alternative routes.
In the right lane a few kilometers ahead of us, another beep was made, and a notice of a parked car was issued.
A few minutes later, as predicted, there was a stagnant car.
People who obviously know these things tell us that there is a circuit in the power adapter of the GPS gadget that receives the Road signal.
This information comes from people and their smartphones, or from the local transportation department.
It\'s convenient, but it\'s a bit weird when you don\'t expect it.
When you think about things in our lives, it becomes very scary.
Machines, gadgets, appliances-
Closer and closer ties.
There is a lot of potential to make our lives easier to connect and make our lives more difficult.
Too many \"smart\" devices can be a silly idea.
This is because anything connected to the outside world via the Internet can be hacked.
People seeking to steal your identity or money or do some mischief can access it.
What you connect to the outside world at home or in your car gives others the opportunity to enter your private world.
Some new gadgets are the solution to the problem.
Smart marketing: Your life is over before smartphones and tablets are invented;
You can\'t live without them now.
But now some of these solutions are the problem.
It seems convenient to be able to control your home\'s lights, appliances, safety systems, heating and water supply systems with your smartphone.
If it is convenient for you, it is also convenient for others.
Because all of this is related to each other, access to one device can access other devices, look!
Someone took all your personal and financial information.
Or the snob kid next door has figured out how to mess up your heating and air conditioning.
Or a potential thief has taken advantage of a very cool wireless baby monitor and has discovered this while you are away from home.
Cars with computer parts are especially vulnerable.
Of course, it\'s great to be able to play music from the Internet while you\'re driving, but that means theoretically someone else can control your car.
Not just theory.
The hacker has successfully disabled the car remotely.
Today, driverless cars are a hot spot in the automotive industry, guided by GPS and other wireless systems.
It doesn\'t take much imagination to have some hacking nightmare in that field.
Of course, it can provide some good excuses. “Sorry, boss.
Someone hacked my car and I was on my way to work.
That\'s why I\'m in Las Vegas now. Not my fault.
The technology that brings us these \"smart\" devices is developing rapidly, but the security measures are slowly falling behind.
When manufacturers are told about bugs that allow security holes, they can come up with fixes to close the gap, but when hackers figure out how to get around those protections, it\'s an over-level game.
LED lights are everywhere in the house, showing the equipment on the backup power supply.
I always thought they looked like evil little eyes and kept looking at me.
I know for sure now.
My fridge is really looking at me.
My TV spread my secret all over the Internet.
My family is full of Trojans and assholes.
I will never walk alone, whether in a storm or somewhere else.
Remember when there are actual switches to turn them off and disconnect the power?
Maybe we need to bring them back, so our devices communicate only when we ask for them, and don\'t lie there waiting to betray us.
Time colonists.
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