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What is the best wifi security cameras for your home?

What is the best wifi security cameras for your home?


The best security cameras not only can keep your home away from thieves, but also help you understand what your kids and pets do.

After a series of tests and questions from our customers, we believe that ANSJER cameras are one of the best surveillance cameras in the country, thanks to their excellent image quality, attractive design and competitive prices.

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Home security is critical.

More importantly, if you are not at home often, there is always the possibility that someone will break into your home at any time. If you travel a lot, this problem will get worse.

In this way, in order to avoid going home after a long journey, and find only half of the belongs left, it’s time to turn to technology for help.

There are some good security cameras for home surveillance which will improve their features every year. They are special cameras for detecting intruders, but they also allow you to observe your child when you are alone at home, see your child and the nanny, or know what your pet is playing when you are away.

Of course, before purchasing a security camera, you should study its specifications where you should consider:

The first is the resolution of the camera.

Although 720p resolution is the lowest solution for home security cameras, some can offer higher resolutions.

What is the best wifi security cameras for your home?

We brought you here to check the condition of the camera.

The Ansjer WiFi camera has a maximum resolution of 3 megapixels, 3 times higher in resolution than 720p HD.

Imagine that when you are at the airport, you can see your child clearly on the screen of the laptop, as if you were in a movie theater.

If the resolution of the image is much higher than HD, it is almost like touching them.

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Another basic feature is the diagonal view.

Basically, this means knowing in advance that the camera lens covers the left and right parts.

The larger the angle of view, the larger the display space. Most cameras have viewing angle between 60° to 90°. However, some cameras of Ansjer have wide-angle lenses which can reach 120°.

This means that the field of view is larger than the human eye and allows for greater visualization of any area. In other words, the bigger the better, because the same camera can see more space with larger viewing angle. You shall think that when you need to see your house at night, you need a camera with night vision.

In this way, even in complete darkness, Ansjel offers clear and bright images up to 10 meters away. It is equipped with infrared LEDs, which is invisible to the human eye, it can see and capture clear images and videos in low light conditions.

The possibility of remote access on the Internet is another factor to consider.

In fact, it is a great advantage that you can access and control the camera on the phone at any time via the Internet. This camera comes with a free App that allows you to easily view live streaming remotely and it is fully protected by the user and password.

Equally important is the possibility of interaction through the camera.

In this way, we highlight Ansjer's built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to hear and speak through the camera, and to communicate freely from a distance.

In addition, we bring the Ansjer IP WiFi camera here because it has an inevitable feature that can be a good home keeper: recording in the same camera.

If you want to know what your pet is doing when you are away, Ansjer will be your most loyal witness. With a 128G microSD card slot, you can record it for hours and show you in details what happens when you are not at home.

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