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How to choose the best video security camera system for my business?

How to choose the best video security camera system for my business?


We are passionate about the various features available, and ultimately we have purchased expensive equipment that is tempted by many tools we don't actually use, and we don't know what the advantages of each tool are.

Today, it's easy for us to get caught up in the mistakes and get something we don't really want to use that we don't need. So, what do you need to consider when choosing a security camera?

Ansjer cctv-How to choose the best video security camera system for my business

The first thing to determine is whether the surveillance is at home or at the company, and the number of cameras we need. Well, we must know that there are currently two technologies that lead the market.

Choosing one or the other depends on the tasks we will face:

The so-called closed-circuit television is an analog system with 50 years of experience. In this system (also known as "closed circuit"), all components are connected. It can consist of one or more TV cameras that are connected to a monitor or TV and copy the captured image.

They are usually fixed in a specific place and can be remotely controlled from the control room, where you can configure your pan/tilt, tilt and zoom. They provide instant images, and if something happens to be analyzed, you can use it to observe them. But they need a cable installation, which makes this system suitable for local and smaller scale surveillance.

The second available technology is the so-called IP camera system, which is growing and has been matched to previous systems on the market.

It works like a computer because the camera has a CPU that takes photos in pixels on a digital camera.

They have higher image quality and resolution, and although they may be more expensive than previous systems, they offer a number of advantages:

They can connect to existing network infrastructure, which makes them especially useful when they are not connected. There are even wireless models that are compatible with existing wireless technologies on the market. There are no geographical restrictions on IP systems: it can be monitored from anywhere in the world, from any web browser (even from Smarts phones).

A camera with a resolution of megapixels that zooms in and captures the details of recorded content:

For example, who entered the face of the building. Although they are more expensive (because each camera is a single computer), when you use a large number of cameras, the cost of the ratio is reduced to a lower level than a closed-circuit television system. You can record images and store them outside your home or company, for example, to rent a space in the data center for added security.

Second, depending on the purpose of the camera, there are different models to choose from. Some cameras are equipped with a messenger account that invites you to view the image being taken.

They are small and very suitable for interior decoration.

Then, there are more complicated devices for professional use, and can be equipped with a zoom lens or a wide-angle view. These cameras have different utilities that can send images taken by email, as well as detect movements and more.

For example, the degree of definition achieved allows them to read the car's patent at 200 meters. There are also some devices that are especially suitable for outdoor use because they have a cabinet that protects them from rain, dust and temperature changes.

Finally, the surveillance camera market is very broad and the quotation is very good. It should be noted that we must be very specific when determining the requirements of the surveillance system.

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