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awareness campaign about emf emissions

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-06
In the nationwide public propaganda campaign, eliminate the myth of the magnetic field (EMF)
The Ministry of Communications has organized an awareness-raising program (DoT)
City of Gurugram (MCG)
On Sunday, on the EMF emissions and mobile tower in the 10A zone.
Technical address provided by DDG Arjun Singh (Technology)
He said the Digital India initiative aims to provide universal access to mobile connectivity and the Internet across India.
The health of the citizens she stressed that in order to obtain the best wireless connection and quality of service, the required number of towers need to be installed everywhere (QoS).
He also added that the ministry is doing its best to protect the health of our citizens, so DoT\'s radiation restriction standards for mobile tower emissions are ten times more stringent than those recommended by the World Health Organization by international standards.
\"The government has taken adequate measures to ensure that telecom service providers strictly comply with these specifications,\" he said . \".
Gaurav Antil, co-commissioner for MCG, stated that civic groups aim to promote economic growth by promoting technology and improve the quality of life of the guluk people, which can lay the foundation for the intelligent guluk people.
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