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will plugging into ‘advanced monitoring’ allow sa to reclaim the streets? - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
will plugging into ‘advanced monitoring’ allow sa to reclaim the streets?  -  best cctv camera
We 've all seen some CCTV footage where something dramatic, often criminal, happened: hijacking, robbery, cash robbery in transit, and even the ATM being blown up.
Now, what if these events were discovered in reality?
Time, immediately send a message to the relevant authorities detailing what is happening, where it is happening, how many people are there, and even who they are?
"This is the way we started our Safe City project in South Africa," said Ms. Colleen Glazer, general manager of Southern Africa at AxxonSoft, who said the company behind this new monitoring technology has reached the top of Africa.
"Working with the private sector, we have brought this huge monitoring center.
We built it, and behind it designed it with AxxonSoft's technology, and now anyone with a stable Internet connection can dial into the management center.
"It is well known that the accident management center is located in Pretoria.
Listen to Glazer's description, people will think of those scenes in the movie, in which good people are looking for bad people, they will go to a monitoring center where there are 50 screens on one wall, there are surveillance cameras in the city.
"It looks a bit like Nasa," Glazer said with a hearty smile . ".
The idea is that any camera with an Internet connection feeds its video to the IMC where the technology is located.
IMC's algorithms then analyze this video using artificial intelligence and deep learning to detect any potential risks in reality
Both customers, their security companies, the police and all three should be reminded in a timely manner.
IMC consists of three main features: face recognition, license plate recognition and retail point of sale analysis.
With the development of artificial intelligence, face recognition is the most interesting and sometimes terrible, one of which is facial recognition, which the company calls cutting-edge, "ahead of the market ".
"If we have a face recognition camerawith the tech]
Whether you are wearing a hat or sunglasses, you will walk by and it will catch you. "Said greser.
The company's investment in the Russian Institute of Science underlines the uniqueness of the technology, which was commissioned to "develop a neural network-based facial recognition engine ".
Yuri Akmetov, business development director at AxxonSoft, explains that classic facial recognition is based on biomedical reference points, such as the distance between the eyes, the length of the nose and the size of the eyes
"That's what neural networks do --
It is called deep learning and artificial intelligence. the technology is basically the same. So [by]
Provide millions of photos of systematic learning and have no connection with the contest
Color and so on, the computer starts to know if it is the same person.
"Of course, if you put some biostatistics points in it, it will work better. . .
To improve the system, you just need to send more photos so it can learn.
"Essentially, if someone is convicted or wanted for a crime, their photos are loaded onto the IMC, they walk through the IMC integrated camera and the system receives it and sends an alarm to the person concerned, inform them where this person is.
Another interesting feature that the facial recognition system has been trying to solve before is to detect different races and facial hair, but due to the machine
The learning aspect of AxxonSoft technology has been alleviated.
The system can also be used to search for people, determine their age and gender, and count the number of people.
This is perfect for shopping centers, says Glazer, especially if a child is missing or lost.
"With Axxon, we can search by color, we can search by her size and where she was finally seen, and switch all cameras to forensic search, and we can lock her down.
"Search can also be done on an offline system.
So, there are recorded video clips that have never been integrated with IMC, and if it is later added to IMC, then this clip will be able to search through metadata points.
Oh, to make things a bit safer, the neural network can also detect smoke and fires from the video.
Although face recognition technology is potentially disruptive in the industry, there are some problems that can be solved.
One of them is license plate recognition, which Akhmetov says is not as accurate as possible, but because of machine learning technology it is quickly reaching the same level as facial recognition.
The company wants to develop another feature in audio detection.
Is currently the third.
Use party software to detect gunfire and car alerts and even scream when needed.
Despite the power of a system like this, big brother is looking at anything and the possibility of abuse is obvious.
Imagine that no matter where you go to work from home, from restaurants to the gym, you can be tracked.
You can be tracked in a few seconds, and your every move and everyone you meet are likely to be recorded.
When asked if this would result in a police state where the big brother acts as everyone
In the eyes, Glazer does not think that "big brother is already watching, so why not use it to keep you safe" would be so bad.
Both Glaser and Akhmetov stressed that after extensive consultation with lawyers and legal experts, the technology met the GDPR and PoPI standards.
General Data Protection Regulations (
Effective Friday)
It is an EU legislation designed to protect all EU personal data and privacy.
The protection of personal information act is the GDPR version of South Africa, which protects people's personal information, such as identity and privacy, but this has not yet come into effect.
At what cost does the government look to the future?
If the company complies with the legislation and believes it has good services in helping South Africa become safer, then why not sell it to the government first?
"Of course, we want the government to be involved and we need their purchase --
But I think there are a lot of people who say what they can do without actually doing it.
So this is a case of getting us to invest and invest in the facility that people can come and see, "says Glazer, adding that although there are a lot of people who are skeptical about it, but they have started talking to the government about these issues.
"We deal with dealers and partners, so many of our partners are talking to the government.
In fact, at today's press conference, we have [
South African police station
We are working closely with them.
"As many state officials consider strengthening their security measures through technological advances, this automated monitoring system could be a wave.
In his City speech, the mayor of Johannesburg, Herman masabah, said, "the smart policing initiative has to launch a network of CCTV cameras on a large scale in our operations center, using gun fire technology, our police force must deal with the crime scene more quickly.
On Wednesday, on the second day of AxxonSoft's release, police chief Khehla Sitole said, "At the moment, we are working on a project to install CCTV cameras that will be completed by the end of June or before ".
Whether or not CCTV has an analysis system to support them, the intelligence and artificial intelligence of "smart" policing will eventually emerge.
When this happens, Glazer and her team will be ready.
"If the government has to come to us now and say we need help with X, Y and Z and they have about 200 cameras there, we will help," she said ,", however, they stressed that the private sector is currently the only target.
Although the company does have 150 safe city projects under their belt, the most prominent of which is Moscow, Russia and Sharjah, UAE.
This technology is very exciting, and its application in other areas may change the game in addition to security.
However, the relevant aspects of privacy and data leakage may cause the country to be in trouble.
But maybe in the name of security, it's all worth it?
Her dream for South Africa is simple, says Glazer: "I want to take back the streets.
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