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why today's security cameras are already obsolete - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
why today\'s security cameras are already obsolete  -  security cameras
It's not surprising that the smart home category continues to maintain enviable growth.
According to Statista.
Global Smart Home Revenue-
Related products are expected to exceed $48.
$5 billion in 2018a 38.
3% increased from 2017.
This is partly due to the explosion of users.
Friendly home and business security cameras, one by Nest, Arlo and D-Link.
The security camera market is very hot and I expect it to maintain this trend for the foreseeable future.
For most consumers, the security camera itself is a core element of their smart home that can monitor their home, backyard and property.
The smart surveillance camera supports mobile applications for easy alarm, easy monitoring and even wireless support (
Lightens the need to connect cables to hard-to-reach areas in the home).
External surveillance cameras are often weather
Sometimes there are small optional solar panels that provide constant charging of batteries-powered units. Inside-the-
Monitoring of children, childcare workers and the elderly has also become a popular use model.
Privacy aside, consumer demand is growing here.
The main problem with this category is that almost all of these cameras are passive devices and provide "post-event" monitoring capabilities.
I mean, these cameras do a good job of detecting motion and alerting consumers to the situation so that they can monitor the situation.
Unfortunately, most consumers of these smart home cameras are driven crazy by false alarms.
For example: I installed a doorbell in my mom's house so she could see the visitors outside the door, however, after she started receiving 25 alerts, her enthusiasm for the device has been greatly reduced (or more)per day—
All of this was triggered by squirrels, mailmen, lawn keepers and other harmless actors.
Even after turning off the sensitivity of the camera in the Ring app, the problem persists and becomes so irritating that we have to disable the feature.
Ring is not the only smart camera with this problem.
While some are better than others, today's smart surveillance cameras are not doing well enough to minimize false alarms.
In the current smart security camera, I am Arlo Pro 2 and D-
The link family of smart cameras.
Depending on the model, these cameras are affordable and easy to install and use.
Many of them joined third.
Home security solution with clear HD video, night vision, dual
Audio local or cloud waybased recoding.
Nevertheless, be prepared for the proliferation of false alarms.
Building a better mousetrap helps is working on this and opening up a whole new world of exciting models to use.
As I detailed in my earlier column, Lighthouse home monitoring solutions use 3D sensing and AI technology to "explain" what it sees in the field of view.
It can identify different individuals and allow it to give you more specific and useful notifications (e. g.
, When your child comes home, when the dog walker is late, or if the elderly parent does not enter a specific room during normal time).
Lighthouse's Smart Home Monitoring technology can provide more sophisticated usage patterns.
In addition to the complex hardware technology itself, complex artificial intelligence
An algorithm is needed to explain the activity in the field of view.
The first company to develop the ability to automatically detect the fall of a person in distress, or to detect an arm raised with a gun or rifle (
Thinking about the potential of school safety application)
It will always change the way we use our smart surveillance cameras.
Even if these features produce a modest error alert, I suspect that most consumers will accept the deal --off—
Those precious times may save lives.
Lighthouse currently does not offer this level of functionality, but the product has technical support once appropriate algorithms are developed.
WiFi sensing technology is coming to Waterloo, Canada
Based on start-up companies, an innovative method of interpreting radio frequency is developed (RF)
Can be used to perceive activities at home.
The technology could really turn the market around.
Unlike traditional sensors that use light and heat, cognitive systems use WiFi-
Based on motion detection in allegedly more reliable ways and limiting false alarms.
In addition, unlike traditional video, this technology makes it possible to watch through the walls in the darkBased on the solution.
The method of cognitive system provides many theoretical benefits.
First of all, it has a privacy advantage because it's not a videobased.
Secondly, since it takes advantage of other WiFi devices in the home (
Only technologies that require routers to include cognitive systems)
Cheaper than installing cameras in each room.
One interesting thing that lighthouse and cognitive systems have in common is that they are strong partners of Qualcomm, which has long played a role
Time leadership role in the Internet of Things (IoT)
And mesh network categories.
I attended Qualcomm's IoT analyst day in San Diego last week and I am well aware that Qualcomm is very committed to supporting future Smart Home Monitoring technology solutions such as lighthouse and cognitive system solutions.
If you have invested in smart home security cameras, I do not recommend replacing your current solution
At least not yet.
Today's solutions do offer the peace of mind and the ability many consumers find useful.
That is to say, the smart home security camera category will be disrupted in the next two years, and the product will monitor usage patterns from passive to almost Realtime.
The real potential of the "smart" camera is to provide a smart alert for the activity it "sees" so that the audience can respond quickly.
These new products have great potential for safety in schools, families and businesses and cannot be underestimated.
From my point of view, the future cannot come soon.
Disclosure: like all research and analyst companies, Moore Insights and Strategy companies provide or have provided research, analysis, advice and/or advice to many senior executives
Industry Technology companies including Qualcomm.
Any company mentioned by the author in this article does not have any investment positions.
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