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by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-10
the insider threat: employee theft                              eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],\'businessknowhow_com-box-3\',\'ezslot_0\',122,\'0\']));  -  home security systems
Latest update: February 20, 2014, learn how to protect the company from employee theft.
I am proud to say that at the end of my 37-year American career,S.
Navy and Defense Department, after the terrible 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and our headquarters Pentagon, I supervised the surge in security at our command.
As an executive officer at the Philadelphia defense Department command, I work with a good team to implement enhanced security plans and strengthen systems and procedures for the protection of employees and government property.
In response to the new, bold threat of terrorism, we have worked hard and fast.
We have improved the security posture of the main office, which is located in a modified warehouse at the naval base, and many of our field offices across the country.
Our ring-shaped security layer is designed to prevent terrorist and criminal intrusion, but even these enhanced external and internal security systems can easily be destroyed by a potential threat;
A thief worthy of trust.
Most security systems are designed to prevent outsiders from breaking into the theft or destruction of property.
Unfortunately, these security systems are of little help to prevent a trusted employee from robbing you.
Conducting a security background check before hiring someone is a good practice that will eliminate known criminals.
But anyone can be a thief at any time and it's hard to predict or stop your employees from stealing your stuff.
Law enforcement and safety professionals I know generally divide people into three categories;
Some honest people will not be tempted at all, some dishonest people are always looking for opportunities to steal, and finally, under normal circumstances, there are some honest people, if there is a rare opportunity, they will suddenly steal.
Many business thefts are referred to as "opportunity thefts", that is, the cash and the property that can be stolen are exposed, not protected and decided to steal one according to the employee's instant
Time opportunities.
There are also many reasons why an honest person starts stealing, from sudden financial difficulties to gambling, drinking or drug abuse.
There are also disgruntled employees who steal "even scores," and, those who don't see the damage and/or have insurance to cover the loss from a business that won't be missed.
Employees can steal your cash, equipment, furniture, supplies and important business information.
So what can you do to prevent employee theft?
According to Philadelphia police, small business owners should follow strict recruitment practices.
Verify all information and contact all references listed on the app.
Consider conducting a credit check.
You should also develop a written policy outlining the responsibility of employees, the standards of honesty and the general safety procedures and consequences of not complying with them.
Make sure new employees read, understand and sign it as a condition of employment.
Maintain accurate records of cash flow, inventory, equipment and supplies.
Let other people in charge of maintaining it check it regularly.
Restrict access to keys, security, computerized records, and alarm codes, and engrave "no duplication" on business keys ".
Change the lock and access code when the employee is terminated.
Act quickly if internal theft is found.
Contact your local law enforcement agency and be sure to send a message to your employees that theft will not be tolerated.
Reward employees who find safety problems and do a good job.
I would like to add that small business owners should be good at observing and take note of changes in personal and work habits of employees.
These changes may be caused by alcohol and drug use, which may lead to unscrupulous criminal acts.
I also recommend installing indoor cameras.
The camera makes us honest.
Author Profile: Paul Davis is a writer who reports crime and security for newspapers, magazines and the Internet.
You can contact him [emailprotected]
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