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the $300 nest cam iq’s best feature is also in this $45 home security camera - ip camera with audio

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
the $300 nest cam iq’s best feature is also in this $45 home security camera  -  ip camera with audio
Before you run out and spend $300 on Nest Cam IQ, get Nest's cool AI --
Based on the face recognition feature, you should probably realize that you can get almost the same thing using the YI Home Camera 3.
There are actually only two differences: first, the resolution of the YI camera is 1080 p instead of the 4 k sensor, which is sampled down for zoom.
Second, the $44 YI camera is on sale.
99 after you clip the 10% coupon instead of the $300 for Nest Cam IQ.
Here are the key details in the product page: relevant storiesselling Crock-
Pots on Amazon dropped to $39.
99 today, keep your coffee hot all day with this $20 electric mug. Fast egg cooker hits people's hearts and the price has dropped to $16, is all the technology to protect your family and your family through value-added home safety solutions, this is what millions of families, homes and pet owners have trusted today.
YI Home Camera 3 is an AI security Camera with human body detection and advanced sound analysis, 1080 p Full HD resolution, 107 degree wide angle, two-way audio, magnetic base and night vision.
Important notice: the alarms detected by AI-driven human detection of alers or motion can be set by a level of sensitivity from high to low.
Six months free easy cloud service ensures that motion detected footage is stored for seven days and is accessible even if your SD card is faulty, damaged or stolen (
SD card not included).
Don't be disturbed: your 1080 p schedule
FHD resolution ip cameras per day per week.
Turn off the blue status light or set the pin (
FaceID on device with FaceID)
Lock up your camera.
You can set up to receive videos and photo clips with active alerts.
Sound trigger alarm: Advanced sound analysis detects abnormal sounds such as baby crying or broken glass.
Use the camera as a reliable baby monitor to detect abnormal sound between 50db and 90db.
This is from regular talk to harmful noise.
Support intercom or handheld devices
Free mode of speaking and listening at the same time.
One year warranty: We offer a 365 day warranty because we trust our products.
Our professional customer service is your backing.
In the Box: AI special security camera YI Home camera 3,1080 p-
FHD resolution, 107 degrees wideangle, baby-
Crying detection, magnetic base 7.
8 inch usb a to micro USB cable, 100-
240 V 1A adapter, user manual, easy cloud introduction, 6 months cloud storage.
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