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smile, you're on camera — and staff at winnipeg security company may be watching  -  security monitoring companies-Ansjer cctv English

smile, you're on camera — and staff at winnipeg security company may be watching - security monitoring companies

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-01-22
smile, you\'re on camera — and staff at winnipeg security company may be watching  -  security monitoring companies
This week, a video was released online and has been watched more than 140,000 times, showing the technology that is constantly improving behind monitoring --
A security company in Winnipeg is taking advantage of this.
Surveillance footage showed a video taken at a car dealership in Winnipeg on May 24 showing two men trying to steal wheels from a car in a parking lot.
What most people watching the video may not know is that when the so-called thief is at work, someone is watching it in real time.
That's because the video was shot by a cross-Conner, Bill security.
Bill Dietterle and Shawn Andrich said the company is one of the only companies in the country that monitor cameras in real time for private businesses.
He has worked in the security industry for more than 20 years and established his own company in 2003 to provide services to private enterprises and government agencies, but these services are not readily available.
"At that time I saw the opportunity to be able to take the technology to the last step, which was able to watch in real time," Dietterle said . ".
The company now monitors more than 2,000 cameras in real time on more than 100 private websites, from a small number of employees to 35.
Ten years ago, as a partner of dietterle10, Andrich was responsible for more technical and operational aspects of the company.
One of the biggest advances in the past few years, he said, is the ability to remotely control and interact with their websites --
What sets their company apart
"We are getting alerts, we are in contact with mobile cameras, we are moving them --
You can watch our videos online.
It's a person walking around and getting all the information.
"Kim Caron, director of the Canadian Security Association and chairman of the association's monitoring committee, said that security companies that provide real-time video surveillance are still very few in the security industry.
Caron says there is a growing interest in real-time monitoring, but for many companies, costs and technology have been obstacles, and this is not yet common.
"Video surveillance has been around for years, but it hasn't reached the level of real-time video they're working on.
Of course, they are one of the leading runners . "
SurveillanceAndrich said that the surveillance personnel will inform the police at any time, just like the 24 car dealer incident.
Dietterle said the company often provided video evidence to the police.
A Winnipeg police spokesman could not confirm that Bill's video was successfully used in past criminal proceedings.
But the spokesman said in an email statement, "from a police point of view, they can't hurt others and can only provide evidence of a crime.
Therefore, whether the video is used to assist with the investigation or as evidence of the tribunal, it is always better to carry it with you than not.
"Now, it's not just the police who see these videos --
The company said it plans to continue posting event videos on social media sites as long as customers allow them.
While they plan to keep sharing some videos online to warn
When thieves, they will be careful about what they post.
"Even though we put something on social media and we got permission from our customers, we were very careful [about]the]
Protect the privacy of our customers and their footage.
"Winnipeg looks like it might be different, because at midnight, Ritchie posted a video on Facebook saying there was a recent incident at another car dealership, with two people moving from a brand new truck
The police did not get there in time and they acted quickly.
So Andrich and his company posted their HD images on social media.
"You don't know, two different people came in two hours, put the part they stole back on the truck and left," Andrich said . ".
"We forget that we are all connected on the internet and we are all talking to each other.
Andrich said that one of the by-products of this connection, which has eyes throughout the city, is some non-
Criminal activity that the camera accidentally picked up. "Oh, boy.
You name it and you will be shocked by what people will do and they park their car under the camera we are monitoring.
There are things we don't even report to customers or police because it's not necessarily illegal.
But there are many strange things.
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