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shocking video shows daring mid-afternoon break-in - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-09
shocking video shows daring mid-afternoon break-in  -  security cameras
Warning the lawn sign of the thief's security system did not stop the broken door from entering.
The owner said he was at soencliff's house on Monday afternoon.
Thankfully, Jeff Fair and his family were not at home when they were smashed by two men at the front door.
Security footage showed two men knocking at the door at 1: 28. m. Monday —
One face is partially covered by a hat and hood, and the other is seen by a security camera.
As they peek through the glass panel at home, the couple can be seen looking carefully at their shoulders.
After 30 seconds of knocking on the door for the first time, they did not answer and began to put the boots on the door until they entered the house.
The work was very fast. The two entered and exited the house in more than two minutes, mainly taking some small items.
Still, Fehr says there are some irreplaceable items that have been taken away.
Fehr said: "There are a lot of things stolen in the house, but some things are irreplaceable . " He added that the thief stole a belt and buckle from his rodeo day and that he would never be able to replace it.
"Something like this really hurts me.
"It was the second time we had someone kick our front door.
We have had enough. (
Security camera)
Helped the police to a certain extent, but this obviously does not prevent anyone from breaking into the house.
Police in Calgary say they are investigating the incident and no one has been detained. Sgt.
Matt Baker, who broke in by Calgary Police, said the brazen crime was "shocking ".
"It's always shocking to see such a video," Baker said . ". “Forced-
Entry interruptions and entry are not common. . .
But it did happen.
To be honest, we see more forced.
Enter the rest time, enter during the day than at night.
Baker said half of the break went into his unit between nine. m. and 6 a. m.
34 of them were forced into the country.
To solve the problem, the Calgary police launched 9 p. m.
The June routine reminded the Calgary Asians to ensure the safety of their homes every night.
It recommends ensuring that the vehicle is locked and valuables are removed, that the doors and windows of the garage are closed and that external lights are turned on.
"We have seen a decline in non-mandatory entry breaks and entry times," Baker said . " He added that it was too early to get the exact figures.
"Don't forget the basics, this is 9 p. m.
Police are continuing to investigate three other major violations. On Sept.
About 1: 20. m.
In the 100 block of N. Evanspark garden, a house was broken into the door. W.
The offender broke into a car in the driveway and entered the house with a garage door opener.
A car was reportedly stolen. On Sept.
On the 25 th, the police were summoned for the first time during the two breaks and entered around 3: 20 A. M. m.
3000 Block in hidden Ranch Road NW.
The offender stole two cars and entered his home.
Less than an hour later, a break and entry took place in the 200 block of albourling Park N. W.
The homeowner was at home and heard footsteps before the offender ran away with his wallet and what was inside.
Anyone with information about these breaks and access can contact the Calgary Police
Emergency Line 403-266-
1234, or stop the crime.
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