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see why goats are some of the quirkiest animals - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
see why goats are some of the quirkiest animals  -  security cameras
When it comes to the animals in the barn, goats are probably the weirdest.
Unlike sheep that are content to stay with the flock, goats are naturally curious, independent, and therefore often prank.
At the University of Maryland, sheep and goats expert Susan Shawnee explained in a recent interview with National Geographic that among all the livestock that work with the goats, the goats show the weirdest behavior.
Even letting them stay in the pen is surprisingly challenging.
We often tell people [that]
If you want the goat to be in the fence, you need a moat, she said.
They are always looking for a way out.
If goats escape their bondage, they appear where humans find it difficult to reach the behavior we have seen repeatedly in the video over the past few months.
Scroll down to see our favorite videos that show goat's weirdest, brightest and weirdest behavior.
On March 2016, a Greek goat was found hanging 20 feet above the wire, looking like it didn't jump --
Out of sight.
Local officials are still not sure how it landed on the wire and have to pull the goat to the ground with a long ladder and rope.
After being rescued, the goat ran away like nothing happened.
On July 16, Colorado's security cameras captured a strange act of vandalism: a broken window by a goat that broke free from the farm.
The lens shows a goat walking to the door of the glass, hitting his head on the glass, and then running away after the glass is broken.
It then returned to the scene without hesitation, breaking another door.
Bugoats is a natural behavior used by goats to test the surrounding environment.
Some viewers watching the video online speculated that it was attacking its reflex, but because their vision was strongest on the periphery and not at the center of their vision, the goats might just have a good time.
Why do Moroccan goats gather in Moroccan trees?
The answer is: the tree is small and dry
Fruits mature every June.
The goat is eager for the bitter taste and aroma of the fruit and can reach it by climbing 30 feet.
Goats are the only beneficiaries: after eating the nuts in the fruit, the goats discharge the remains that contain the high-margin oil commonly used in cosmetics.
As more Moroccan farmers profit from argan oil, they buy more goats to eat fruit and nuts, filling the trees with animals.
It is not uncommon to see goats grazing on trees for up to six hours at a time.
One of the most strange behaviors the goat shows is the urge to suddenly faint.
Myotonic goat, a common domestic goat in the United States. S.
, There is a genetic disease called muscle spasm congenital, which causes their muscle stiffness when they are afraid.
This can lead to sudden stiffness.
The legs fell to the ground.
The effect lasted only a few minutes before the goat stood up and returned to normal.
On a steep hill, the goat is one of the best climbers in the world.
However, these animals are not actually goats: they belong to the antelope family and may be named after their goats --Like appearance.
In Utah, hunters introduced goats in their 1960 s.
Now, the Wildlife Resources Department has found that in order to control the number of goats in the state, they have to transfer goats from one area to another.
The best tool to work? Helicopters.
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