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security cameras -- the oxymoron of the new millennium - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-08
security cameras -- the oxymoron of the new millennium  -  security cameras
Ironically, it is designed to protect our devices from
Selected and used the product for us, but this was the exposure announced last month.
Businesses and governments around the world use security cameras to provide this physical security, but even the ubiquitous "security" cameras can be compromised.
Researchers at Vdoo have revealed seven holes in nearly 400 Internet models
Connected cameras manufactured by Axis Communication.
These holes will allow unauthenticated remote attackers to control any vulnerable camera model without requiring any login credentials.
Although there are no confirmed loopholes in the field, this situation highlights the urgent need--or even near --
Network of your company
Billions of internet every day.
Networked digital assistants, sensors, industrial devices, and other Internet of Things (IoT)
Gadgets are messaging each other through the Internet and help improve the way we live and work.
Most of us, including many safety professionals, believe that these devices are safe to operate.
We believe that these devices protect our privacy and sensitive business information.
However, the truth is more terrible than the novel.
Most connected devices lack basic security.
Almost all of these devices can't (or just aren’t)
Update the security patch regularly.
This means the equipment we rely on at work. -
Smart TV and video conferencing platforms-
We can easily be rejected.
Once these devices are destroyed, they can provide an open window for attackers to enter the network to filter valuable, confidential or sensitive information.
We see this kind of activity in Armis than most chief information security officers (CISOs)
I would like to admit that this happens within a typical enterprise.
Of course, some people think their organization is "not that closely connected", but they should think about it again.
6 out of 10 organizations claim some IoT plans are underway, many IoT-
Companies, including Amazon, focusing on IoT technology are working to make IoT technologies such as digital assistants an integral part of every business model.
However, the data we found through early deployment with our customers shows that businesses can't see 40% of all devices around them.
That's not good.
Security, hacker damagesby expects $6 trillion for 2021 reasons.
As the speed of IoT devices joining the enterprise network increases, the number of exposures rises, the potential bottom
The line damage also went up.
Gartner said that by 2020, more than 25% of the identified cyber attacks in enterprises will involve the internet of things, but the company's security spending will not be commensurate.
This is not enough.
The word "security camera" is not necessarily contradictory.
The new connection equipment is being approved by information technology to enter the enterprise (IT)
Whether it's a department or not, they bring productivity, visibility and efficiency to the workplace.
However, they also provide a new environment for cyber criminals to compromise the security of your business.
Businesses should invest in these connected and IoT device technologies today, but only if they are confident that they can be deployed safely.
We are out of scope to limit the use of IoT at work, so our new IoT world needs new security solutions.
When used in a safe and compliant manner, the internet of things can generate a range of benefits from employee productivity and workplace collaboration to physical security and energy conservation.
First, however, companies need to understand the devices in their networks ---
What these devices are doing, the ability to control them if they are compromised.
Until malicious actors take advantage of this new, mature attack surface, it is critical to protect the internet of things now.
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