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by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-08
  -  security cameras
This is a very common story in NYCHA architecture.
Ronald topop, a member of the board of directors of John Adams, said: "He was robbed and shot dead . ".
"Unfortunately, a good gentleman in our area.
Even one of our employees was shot dead.
"Topping, a resident of the John Adams residence in the Woodstock district of Bronx, said that if there were more surveillance cameras, the shooting in his building might not happen.
On Tuesday, NYCHA officials traveled to Adams House to announce the installation of a video security system, which they hope will make the complex more secure.
This is one of 31 NYCHA development projects in Manhattan, Queens and Bronx to receive new or upgraded video security.
"These projects are completed on time and on budget, including the installation of 988 new cameras and 152 camera upgrades in 219 buildings at a cost of $18.
Shola Olatoye, chairman and chief executive officer of the New York City Housing Authority, said.
In John Adams's house alone, 72 new cameras were added to the elevators, stairwells, corridors, etc. , bringing the total number of cameras there to 95.
"Now that the camera is here, I feel safer," said Eddie bone marrow, a resident of the house of John Adams.
"Now, whatever happens that is not conducive to something that can be harmful, it will be captured by the camera.
"The CEO of NYCHA said it was 10-
The mayor provides public housing residents with an annual plan for safe, clean and connected buildings.
The plan includes replacing traditional key locks for many entrances with an electronic password system.
"I saw someone sleeping in the hallway, strangers we didn't even know," Yvette Ortiz said . " His parents live in Adams's house.
"So it's a good thing for the security guys to get on board and I hope it will last.
"While upgrades affect only about 57,000 NYCHA tenants in the three boroughs, the Housing Authority says more complexes will be upgraded with state and city funding in place.
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