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remove cctv cameras, smk sri sentosa told (updated) - best cctv camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-23
remove cctv cameras, smk sri sentosa told (updated)  -  best cctv camera
Putrajaya: The Ministry of Education has ordered the closure of the SMK sentsentosa at kumchai Lama-
Circuit TV (CCTV)
Cameras were installed in the toilet.
The Minister of Education II Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said that the school was informed of the immediate removal of CCTV cameras, which have since been installed in the toilets of male and female students.
After attending a briefing for Malaysian students studying in Egypt, Idris told reporters: "It is not appropriate to put CCTV cameras in the toilet . ".
The school was recently at the center of the controversy because it was allegedly installed to contain the deliberate vandalism of the students.
It is reported that 64 cctv units have been installed, with 2,043 students.
School principal Rahmah Abd Haji earlier defended the move, saying cctv in the toilet pointed to the sink instead of the toilet compartment.
"Parents were asked to agree before installing cctv.
"Only 30% of the parents interviewed opposed the installation of cctv and we have to listen to most people," Rahmah said . ".
"In addition, the unit is funded by PTA (Parent-
Association of Teachers)
It was approved by the Ministry of Education . "
Meanwhile, it is reported that PTA chairman Premala Oyen said that the PTA team currently in office only at the end of the day was not involved in the decision.
Earlier this week, Star checks in the school's male student toilets showed students splashing water on each other during school hours, while the lid of the toilet water tank was destroyed.
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