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recent big thefts make noida keep a hi-fi eye on homes | noida news - times of india - home security systems

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-10
recent big thefts make noida keep a hi-fi eye on homes | noida news - times of india  -  home security systems
Recently, 15 apartments were stolen in Noida, triggering an attack on hi-
Home security systems, especially office security systems
Spectators who are not at home all day.
On Tuesday, 15 apartments in Noida's expanded community were robbed in broad daylight.
The robbery made headlines the next day, but residents of Noida were not surprised.
In a city with a lot of work
Class core families who are not at home for work and burglary all day are common.
However, recent events have led to an increase in demand for hi-
High-tech home safety systems among urban residents.
Sellers say their sales have surged, most of which can be attributed to the office --
At Noida, they do not want to take risks when it comes to the safety of their homes and belongings. Two-
The demand for security system dealers and security system sellers has doubled and they say they have seen two
Sales of these systems have doubled recently.
Amit Singh, a NCR regional security systems distributor, said, "If you compare the site to last winter, the number of queries has increased by 100%.
Sales have also increased significantly-about 30 --40%.
The big difference is that, although earlier, the residents who chose these systems were the residents of the big bungalow, now the office --
Apartment residents have become our main customers.
"Angie Kapoor, owner of the Attica business
The head office, which provides security solutions, said, "the working class is now clearer.
They trust technology to protect their property, which is why
Most of our clients are now class families.
"How much does a security system cost?
Angie Kapoor added, "This is a basic home safety system for 2 or 3 people
BHK house costs Rs 10,000-12,000.
It runs on wireless technology and can send a distress call on the owner's phone.
Most people want to customize their system according to their requirements, for which they add additional features, which makes the price go up.
There is a demand for systems with costs up to Rs 1. 5 lakh as well.
It depends on what the customer wants.
People are willing to spend money.
"There is only the best technology for our residents and money is not a factor in their family safety.
Ramesh Ahuja, who recently installed a security system at his residence in District 37, said, "Money is not a factor.
If we spend a few more dollars to better protect our property, it's a good idea.
I spent Rs 25,000 to install the security system in my place, which was installed after several burglary incidents in the area.
The seller says residents want more than just a simple CCTV and alarm system.
Vikas Dhankar, owner of IndoSoft Corporation, a security system dealer, said, "As people become more aware, they choose more hi-
Technical solutions and gadgets, not basic solutions and gadgets.
Vishakha Singh, who recently installed a security system in her Noida extended residence, told us, "earlier people were only happy with CCTV cameras or smart safe boxes, but now we have a better choice.
I have an RFID recently.
Secure-based system installed in my place, which allows me to control it with a smartphone app and is status-of-the art.
Rajan, a home security system provider, said, "security systems that can be connected to a user's smartphone and accessed over the phone and through the app are in demand.
Almost everyone wants to connect to the security system while not working.
"Whenever there are reports of theft, sales surge: According to sellers, sales of the city's home safety system increase whenever there are reports of major robberies.
"Buying depends on two things-awareness of technology and comfort," Dhankar said.
The first one is there, but the second one takes time to develop.
That is why, whenever there is a major event, we see a significant increase in enquiries and sales, but then a decline.
Most people buy these things for their knees. jerk reactions.
"When people are more willing to spend money on gadgets, we see sales rising for the first time around Diwali," Rajan said.
But often, sales rise as long as there are reports of theft.
Once these systems have been installed, some buyers will come to us to upgrade or purchase additional gadgets.
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