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real scoop: video of bacon shooting played at trialsurveillance video shows gunmen firing on bacon’s vehicle - security cameras

by:Ansjer cctv     2019-08-07
real scoop: video of bacon shooting played at trialsurveillance video shows gunmen firing on bacon’s vehicle  -  security cameras
Prosecutor Martin Nadon introduced a series of surveillance videos Thursday at the Jujhar Khun murder trial
Kun, Michael Jones and Jason McBride.
They come from a variety of security cameras around the Grand Delta Hotel in Kelowna, starting the night before the gangster Jonathan Bacon was shot dead in front of the hotel.
The most chilling thing is the intermission.
In the afternoon, two gunmen opened fire on the SUV Bacon, who was inside with his associates.
It's vague and you can't see everything, but it's still clear what's going on.
Before Bacon was killed, there were other clips showing that he had no idea what would happen next.
It's disturbing to look at him and Leah Hayden.
Watts will be paralyzed later in the day.
I am back in Vancouver now and hope to return to Kelowna for trial in the future.
I am sure my colleagues there will continue to cover this important trial.
The media should be able to obtain evidence in the case, but until after the "civilian" witness testified within a few weeks.
We have to blur every face, too.
Victims, defendants, bystanders, etc. )
Using them in each photo and video will be a challenge. KELOWNA —
Chilling surveillance video shows two gunmen shooting at a white SUV, a group of people in B. C.
The Supreme Court opened Thursday.
The rough video taken by the Delta hotel security camera first shows the reflection of the Porsche Cayenne and then stops outside a group of hotels.
People can see about 2: 40 people getting on the bus. m. on Aug.
2011, though they can't see their faces.
A few seconds later, when Porsche started driving, a Ford SUV cut it off and saw two gunmen shooting and running.
There was no sound in the creepy video, and while trying three men accused of killing the gangster Jonathan Bacon the same day, dozens played for Judge Alan Beaton.
Porsche can be seen rolling forward as one of the people behind seems to jump out and hide behind the car.
The only Porsche passenger who was not injured in the shooting was independent soldier James Riachi. Jujhar Khun-
Khun, Jason McBride, and Michael Jones are accused of first place.
The first-degree murder of bacon and the attempted murder of Riach, Larry Amero, Hell Angel, Leah Hayden-
Watts and Lindsey Black
All five were in Amero's Porsche, when they were targeted by gunmen and left the courtyard of the Delta Hotel.
About two hours before the murder, Betton also saw videos of bacon, Amero and Black serving breakfast and lunch at a hotel restaurant.
In another video, people saw them leaving the nightclub before 10. m.
Came back the night before, a few hours later.
Officials say the alleged murderer arrived in Kelowna in the early hours of August.
They are going to hunt bacon, Amarillo and Riachi.
The trial has been heard and several gang associates will now testify against the three, who are part of the hunt.
Three of the men, whose names were covered by the publication ban, were identified in a series of videos broadcast by Royal Canadian Mounted Police forensic video analyst Juliana Massen in court on Thursday.
Masson testified that 20,000 hours of surveillance footage were seized from the area after the shooting.
Subsequently, a group of officials went through all of this and looked for anything suspicious that needed further analysis, Mason said.
"If anything is found in the video that is of interest, I will go into it further," she testified . ".
Maisen showed a video of colleagues from several places inside and outside the hotel, starting about 2 in the morning. m.
Until 4: 30 A. M. m.
They went in and out of a bar, walked along the promenade by the lake, wandered around the main hall and stared at the casino.
The first few video clips played by Masson show former gang member Matthew Schrad inside the Delta Grand near the front door.
The royal family said at the opening ceremony that Schrad told one of the defendant's colleagues that Amero and Riachi were in Kelowna that weekend.
The second video clip shows Schrad in the courtyard of the hotel at around 9: 20. m. on Aug. 13, 2011.
"I'm also interested in this person standing in front of me," said Masson, pointing to the clip.
"I believe he is Matthew Schrad.
Retired Cpl earlier Thursday.
Cora Malewski described the processing of 47 different bullets and shell found on site.
They found 21 more bullet fragments while searching for the Porsche Cayenne.
Malewski said the SUV had to be taken to a garage with equipment to go through the silencers and other parts of the vehicle where bullet fragments were found.
She said the bullets also penetrated the luggage of the victim who was piled up behind the Porsche.
Long after Malewski completed her archival work, she was asked to inspect three guns found in some bushes about three kilometers from the shooting incident on November 2011.
She checked three.
A Glock 9mm pistol and two norinko rifles
But no fingerprints or DNA were found.
She showed photos of the guns in court.
Shares of the norincos family are hollow.
Both rifles are black metal and wood.
There is a lot of rust on one.
The trial continues.
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