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Reaction to prostitution crackdown in China's 'sex capital' suggests views may be shifting - cctv cameras for sale

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
Reaction to prostitution crackdown in China\'s \'sex capital\' suggests views may be shifting  -  cctv cameras for sale
BEIJING-A national television station in China's "capital of sex" has exposed the issue of prostitution, followed
Public criticism has been drawn by public police crackdown, which has expressed sympathy for sex workers and advised the authorities to target other types of misconduct.
Reports of 6,500 police raided the southern city of Dongguan over the weekend
Photos of women in handcuffs looking down
Many people have been prompted to make comments online, which are more critical of China Central Television's coverage and crackdown on prostitution than it reveals.
A hot topic on Sina Weibo on Monday was "Dongguan, stick to it", and a variant of one of the phrases was forwarded more than 1.
5 million times before Tuesday morning
Another popular phrase is "Don't Cry, Dongguan", which shows that some Chinese public perceptions of prostitution have changed.
Some online users suggested that these women end up in the sex industry because they have sick parents or siblings who need support and called on the authorities to give them more care during the crackdown.
Others say it is better to use police manpower to eradicate corruption and other crimes by public officials.
Some voices call on China now
Legalise deeply rooted sexual transactions and end discrimination against sex workers.
"There is no way to eradicate it.
Legalization must be carried out in some narrow circumstances.
Wang Yongzhi, 37, who works in Beijing, said on Tuesday that the situation was clear, "such as the regulated special zone. Shanghai-
The 26-year-old, who works as a trader at a food company, said he sympathizes with girls who choose to make money through sex deals to meet their economic needs, blaming society and the environment.
The perception of prostitution has changed.
"Before, I was too embarrassed when so many people around me were talking about such reports," he said . ".
"The government can ask some organizations to help take care of these girls.
In a CCTV report broadcast on Sunday, undercover reporters with hidden cameras filmed pornographic services sold by hotels in Dongguan.
In a video, a group of women lined up to represent their identity with numbers, prices and their hometowns.
The price given ranges from 700 yuan to 2000 yuan ($115-330).
CCTV reporters reported prostitution at the two hotels, but the police were not present.
However, several hours after Sunday's air broadcast, Dongguan police launched a crackdown.
A month-long crackdown on sex trade in Guangdong province.
As of Monday morning, 12 entertainment venues involving prostitution had been closed and 67 people were surveyed.
Some online posts expressed surprise that more venues were not locked and said that trade in Dongguan would not prosper without the support of police and local authorities.
The Ministry of Public Security announced Monday that it will investigate the dereliction of duty of the local police.
Government officials believe prostitution is an "ugly social phenomenon" and it is illegal to engage in prostitution in China.
However, despite the government's frequent crackdown on prostitution, prostitution is still rampant in massage parlors, karaoke bars and nightclubs, and sex workers often call hotel rooms to find business.
_ Zhao Liang, press assistant in Beijing of the Associated Press, and Fu Ting in Shanghai contributed to the report.
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