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portable wireless spy cam! - mini wireless camera

by:Ansjer cctv     2020-02-24
portable wireless spy cam!  -  mini wireless camera
Want a portable wireless spy camera like in a movie?
Of course you know!
I often see it in the movie spy takes out his briefcase, they have a wireless camera and a screen to see it.
Now you can do it yourself! What you need:-
Because of its durability and authenticity, I recommend a box for a pelican.
I used 1120 and it was perfect for everything. -
Wireless Camera-
This is the cheapest LCD screen I can find. -
The rc car battery I use is 9.
Its okif is a bit more than 9 v. -Switch-
Tool stripping pliers, scissors, screwdriver, ext. . . . -
Sandpaper or sander it is very useful to have a sander, but it doesn't matter if you don't. -
The wiring diagram below shows how to connect the power and video, very simple.
Depending on the battery you are using, you may need an adapter.
You need to cut off the plug connector of the wireless camera receiver from the power supply.
The LCD screen should come with a plug that has been powered off the wire.
You can use any switch you want. I found a switch around with a metal L bracket already on it.
I used a terminal block to connect the wires together, but you can either use the wire nuts or just weld them together.
Now you need to figure out how you will set everything up.
Depending on your box, it may be different from my layout.
When you lay everything out, you may need a pad like an antenna.
Switch height is another thing to consider.
Battery position, if you want to use the partition as I do.
Think about wires, they take up more space than you think.
Basically, when you close the box, you want everything to stay where it is so that it doesn't move when it's being moved.
Now that you have the layout planned, you want to prepare for everything to be installed.
So if you use a partition to cut your wood or metal.
For the LCD screen, there is a large piece that needs to be polished, so it is placed flat on the lid.
Also cut the plastic into wires flush with the LCD.
Now you want to stick everything together, I used hot glue and it worked really well.
So stick the screen to the lid and I stick the wire to it so it stays in the corner.
I don't recommend sticking the foam with glue, but it's up to you.
If you use the terminal block, please stick it down.
Stick the switch
Now everything should be complete and you have a portable wireless spy camera.
But now you don't need to disguise your camera.
I was trying to figure out who ate these peanut butter cups in the closet, so I disguised my camera as a jelly box. Supplier required :-
Double sided tape-Exacto knife-Tape-
Jello box1 cuts the opening edge of the box to get a net shape.
2 drill holes or cut holes in the box for the camera to browse.
Tape the camera.
Close the box with double sided tape.
Insert it and hide it.
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